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Weigh-In Week 142: Oh 140s, where are ya?

I was able to weigh-in today! I was down 0.4lbs for a new weight of 150.4lbs and a total loss of 101.2lbs. Okay, so not bad. I feel like my body might be getting back to an equilibrium after the large losses I had in December. It’s still in the right direction so all is good. But of course I feel like the 140s are a big tease! I met them once, but alas…I am half a pound away. I was also reminded today that I am close to my healthy BMI (which I will hit at 145lbs) and was asked if I’d set a goal weight. Hmmm…I think goal weight deserves it’s own post, so I’m going to start working on that one.

I also found out that so far I will indeed be able to keep weighing-in on Tuesdays. I’ll have to pop by in the morning to make it happen but it makes me so happy that I can keep my Tuesdays! So the story goes that I’ve taken on a new contract and it requires long working days (12-14hrs) and I won’t be able to take off at lunch to get to my Tuesday meeting. And  I’ll be honest, after a long week at work the last thing I wanted was to wake up to get to a meeting for 9:30am on a Saturday (which would have been the only other meeting I could have made it to).

This new job is an amazing opportunity, but it also comes with some challenges – aside from the long hours I also have crazy unlimited access to food (read: snacks) and my lunches purchased (read: delivery). Now, both of these can lead to really quick weight gain if I’m not careful. It means I have to exercise even more will power during my day as I’m not the one who is deciding what’s in the fridge and what isn’t. So for now, until my schedule gets unmanageable I will aim to make my own lunches each day. I’m off to a good start and this past weekend I made a big batch of this Mexican Rice and Bean Casserole. It holds well during the week and is very filling, especially when using brown rice. I’ve also made a side of steamed veggies to help fill me up. Check out how prepared I am!



My goal is to keep up my good habits and not give in to the processed snacks. I’ve been open with a couple people about how I am to not eat anything out of a box. I’m hoping that by saying it out loud it will help me keep to it! Today’s win (or non-scale victory/NSV) was that I resisted a couple cookies put out on the kitchen table for all to help themselves. They were tiny and I could have popped a couple before I knew what was going on, but as I reached for one, I said stop to myself and…I STOPPED! Small steps to creating life-long habits. I no longer even have a desire to drink pop/soda so I know it can be done 🙂


6 thoughts on “Weigh-In Week 142: Oh 140s, where are ya?

  1. Nice work. I have found if I pre-pack my foods in individual containers, I am more apt to grab a dish to take for lunch. I am lazy. I am sure you have a system and from what I see and read it is working great.

  2. Congratulations on the loss, and on the new contract which is presenting you with these munching challenges! I hope it’s rewarding in many ways!
    I like your resolve to bring your lunch every day! I do as well (except for a weekly sushi treat). Often times, I’ll make a potage on the Sunday so that I can bring a bowl of that and some kind of protein as my lunch.
    That casserole looks amazing, btw!

    1. Thank you! Yes, many challenges, but very rewarding also! Yes, that is my resolve, it’s a hard one as I get my lunches paid for anyways so I feel like I’m turning down free food sometimes…but I don’t want to start ordering out until I’m too tired to make my own. The casserole is very good, it’s been very filling! 🙂

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