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Weigh-in Week 144: Keeping up good choices

Hello! Today at weigh-in I was down 1.7lbs for a new weight of 148.0lbs and a total loss of 103.6lbs. Woohoo! So far so good with the new food challenges!

This past week was also SUPER cold in Montreal. We were well into the -30s Celcius ( -20s/-30s Fahrenheit) so going outside for prolonged periods of time was just not going to happen so no outside running for me. I’m also not doing well on the getting up early to go to gym before work. I’m working on it! I swear! I just can’t seem to do it. Although the last 2 times I’ve been able to get to the gym before it closed so I went for a run one day and a weight training session the next. I don’t think this will keep up so I really do want to teach myself to wake up earlier.

This week I didn’t think I made the best choices – mostly because Saturday night I ended up at three different parties and at the last one, by 3am I ended giving in to cookies, crackers, chips, and delicious, delicious cheese!  This is Boursin Cheese. It is amazing and if you see it in a store I highly recommend you try it out. Although maybe not if once you start on the cheese you can’t stop:



However, I made good decisions most of the days and meals and so it seems to have worked. Just goes to show you that one meal/one night doesn’t have to ruin your week if you don’t let it turn into a downward spiral of eating.

I also have a couple NSVs (non-scale victories) to share with you all! The first is this:


You’re probably wondering, why am I looking at a picture of a dirty winter boot (with a seemingly gigantic calf – oops, I guess not a good angle). Well the NSV is the gap between the boot and my leg! When I bought these boots, oh years ago now, I could barely do the zipper up at all. In fact, if I’m totally honest, I couldn’t do the zipper up. And actually even as recent as last winter the zippers would not go up all the way and stay up. The boots are still wearable and so this year I decided to invest in getting the zipper changed on both boots and voila they fit now! In fact, they even fit with a pair of skinny jeans on underneath!

The second NSV is this:


I bought my first dress from Mod Cloth! It’s a medium and it fits! Okay. It’s a bit tight in that it rides up a little, I’m thinking that in another 5-10lbs it will fit fabulously! I can’t return it as it was on sale but also I think a large would have been way too big. I’m happy with it and I’m confident that it will fit better within a month.

This week I’m going to keep making good choices. So far I’ve had no troubles resisting the morning pastries and also the big bosses are big on healthy snacks so no chocolate covered almonds or candy for us. I’ll try to see if I can take a picture of the foodables to show you what I’m up against. Have a great week all!

I’ll try to post this weekend about my goal weight as now that I’m in the 140s I can’t keep putting it off…WW has been asking me about it. But I’m scared to commit to a number. More musings coming soon as I get used to this schedule of mine.



6 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 144: Keeping up good choices

    1. Thanks so much! Congrats on the new healthy approach to life. Don’t rush it though! You don’t want to lose too fast as there are many biological changes that happen. It took me 2.5 years to lose 100lbs. Good luck! This is for life, not a race 🙂

  1. The dress really is fantastic and shows off your great figure like nothing I have seen you wear and yes, a large would have definitely been too big! As for the goal, you can decide once you hit the scale. No need to commit to a number. When you are ready, you’ll know. Congrats on the great week!

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to wear it out. Thanks for the info re: goal. I think that’s how it might go 🙂 Miss the meetings. I’ve been weighing in on Tuesday’s before work. I hope I’ll be able to pop in sometime before the Fall.

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