Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 145: A Gain

So I had a gain this week. A 1.3lb gain to be exact. New weight is 149.3lbs and total loss is 102.3lbs. Not too displeased by this as I know most of it is due to being bloated at this point in the month. I know it will come off over the next couple of weeks, but I still dislike the idea of the gain.

I have to say that now, a 100lbs lighter, I definitely feel the bloating and hormonal changes much more readily. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I used to be able to gain/lose 10-15lbs and not even notice when I was over 200lbs, but now even a couple pounds feels uncomfortable. Though I will say this 1.3lb gain doesn’t feel too bad – my clothes don’t feel tighter, so I’m sure it is only due to hormones and will even itself out soon enough. Even my hands are looking a bit bloated the last couple of days.

I was able to sneak a couple photos of our pastry platter at work so you could see what I face every morning.


Now the platter was pretty much depleted by the time I got to take the photo, but it gives you an idea. This is every morning. I have opted to not even start rather than just to have half or a quarter of one. I find it easier to not start than I do to stop. I will say that I am not very drawn to it at all these days. Sometimes there’s a couple pieces left at night and it’s a bit harder to say no, but I just plan a bit better for the evening. I have been bringing homemade treats with me – like my flourless strawberry oatmeal muffins and also make some tea or decaf coffee to fill me up.

But luckily we also have fruit platters! So in the mornings I make a fruit bowl to tide me over until lunch.




So this past week wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful. I will get back on track this week and make a point of tracking every single thing I munch on – that includes a 4 hazelnuts I had this afternoon. I wrote them down. Everything. That’s the way I’ll stay on track for the next little bit.



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