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Let’s Talk Goal Weight

So, if you ever come by my blog (rather than just reading it in an rss or the WP reader) you’ll notice on the right-hand side bar I have an up-to-date tally of my weight loss with my mini-goals and my final goal. There it reads 145lbs. I came up with this because it is at the high-end, in fact the highest weight for my height – 5’4.

To be honest, when I came up with this for this blog I was still close to my highest weight. I don’t think I ever imagined I would ever be anywhere close to this. Last time I lost weight I plateaued at about 175 and just could make it through and ended up regaining the 50lbs I’d lost, plus an extra 25. I also didn’t know what my body would look or feel like under 150.  So, in effect, it was an arbitrary number – one that I am now confronted with as I find myself below 150lbs.

I’ve been told that when I get to my goal weight I’ll know it. I was worried I had to tell WW a final goal and stick to it, however I’ve gotten some good advice the last couple weeks. Firstly – a good friend of mine who reached her goal weight and Lifetime status at WW told me she’d actually been at that weight for a little while before putting it down as an official goal.  And secondly, I’ve been told that I can in fact wait on setting a goal weight even if I’m within my healthy BMI range. Well all this is good news to me!

I’ve been thinking about it and I think I might want to put 137lbs as my goal. It’s an awkward number for sure, not a nice round 0 or 5. My reasoning for this is the following: if I ever go up a few pounds, once I change decades into the 140s I’ll know it’s time to get back on track. That gives me a 3lb range to play with. I do find if I’m up by about 5lbs I can definitely feel it and it doesn’t feel good, so I’m hoping this will keep me in check. But I’m not married to the number. I think that’s what I’ll say for now and as I get closer to the 140 mark, perhaps I’ll change my mind, perhaps I won’t.


I’m curious – how did you chose your goal weight? If you’ve reached it, have you been able to maintain it or did you end up changing it? 


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Goal Weight

  1. That seems very reasonable. I like the idea that you pick something just under a decade as a kind of warning system to yourself.
    I’m not sure yet what my goal weight is. I think somewhere in the 160s, given that I’m 5.9. But I’ll see when I get closer to it. I may use some of the advice you’ve been given. 🙂

  2. I never really thought about what I would want as a goal weight. My goal weight is 140 lbs. because I’m 5′ and that is what the doctor told me I should weigh. But I think that as long as we are healthy and feel good about ourselves we should be able to weigh what we feel is fit for us. Thanks for sharing! =)

    1. Thanks for coming by! Yes, I’ve considered asking a doctor, but I don’t have a permanent one, just clinics so no one familiar with my history. I think seeing how I feel as I get closer to 140 is a good idea. Thanks!

  3. I like your thinking! Mine was 2 lbs below a decade for the same reason. I don’t want to see the next decade! You’ll know once you hit it and it’ll feel right to you! 🙂

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