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Weigh-in Week 148: I didn’t deserve this gain

Today I was up 0.3lbs for a new weight of 149.3lbs and a total loss of 102.3lbs. Now….before you think I’m getting all huffy about a 0.3lb gain, the truth of the statement is that I totally deserved a MUCH bigger gain. I was girding myself for a 2-3lb gain to be honest. I didn’t deserve only 0.3lbs after the weekend I had.

This weekend I had a fondue party on Saturday – cheese and chocolate and an Oscars party on Sunday night that also included lots of delicious food. Perhaps if I’d been able to control myself it wouldn’t have been that bad, and maybe I would have even been able to lose, but something took over me this week and I’ve been craving sugar like nobody’s business. I couldn’t get enough chocolate, caramels, caramelized pecans etc. etc. It was insane and I felt completely out of control. During this weekend I actually thought the following: “I wish I could eat like regular people”. Sigh. I felt out of control. I felt like all I have worked for was for naught. I felt fear that I would never be able to eat “normally”.

The receptionist at WW made me feel a bit better by pointing out that even though I thought I’d really let go with my eating, clearly I’ve learned something over the last almost 3 years and have developed new routines (or habits). I have to say that that is probably true because on Monday I ate quite healthfully and well and made it out to the gym after work. In the past I would have kept up on my no-holds barred eating. So I think that is a step forward 🙂

I have another confession to make – I love Pinterest.  I love finding recipes on there, but also, I love take them and make them my own.  Part of my getting back on track was that I made this dish on Sunday for my weekday lunches. I have to say it’s been keeping me full and satiated post lunch so far! Baked Eggplant Parmesan:


You can find the link to the original recipe right here at Lick My However, I, of course, couldn’t leave well enough alone and made some changes:

1. I added grilled zucchini and roasted balsamic mushrooms to up the veg quotient.

2. I used light ricotta instead

3. I didn’t use the mozzarella on top

4. I didn’t use the panko crumbs on top either

So I don’t know if it can really be called a baked eggplant parm…but it does have eggplant, parmesan, and it’s baked! Right? My 9×13 pan left me with 6 large servings at 3 WW points plus per serving. So, quite frankly, I think that’s a pretty great exchange. And it tastes super amazing!


3 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 148: I didn’t deserve this gain

  1. Whatever it is, it looks delicious!

    And about the out-of-control feeling…. I had a similar week of eating out every day while away on a trip. But now I’m back and things are more back to normal. I’ve had to keep reminding myself what my WW leader always told us – “It’s just a week. You didn’t gain all that wait in a week… and you won’t gain it back in a week, either. So don’t be so hard on yourself.” Hang in there. 🙂

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