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Weigh-In Week 149: Well that happened.

Oooph! Up 3.6lbs this week for a new weight of 152.9lbs and a total loss of 98.7lbs. Well that happened. I feel like all the gains I thought would show up before have all come down on one weigh-in. I didn’t even overeat enough to show this gain, or at least I didn’t think I did. I have to say, I think some of it is also due to bloating. In general I haven’t felt great this week body-wise.  My body has been bloated and overly sensitive all week. I didn’t run as much as I could have and in general it wasn’t a great week.  I’m hoping I will be able to lose most of this gain this week – hopefully just by the bloating going down. I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s definitely hard. I find there are so many challenges with eating at work that my willpower is constantly being tested. I find it hard at the end of the night to keep eating healthfully and clearly it showed on the scale this week. So what’s my goal for the week? To keep track of my snacking and keep trying to find solutions to my schedule and eating well.

Speaking of the ongoing battle with obesity, something interesting came up in one of the blogs I read this week. Check out this info about obesity rates in Canadian provinces over the years:


These were originally released last week by the Canadian Obesity Maps by Carolyn Gotay and colleagues published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health. Here is the source I got it from: Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes.

As you can see rates have increased over the years, however, to my untrained eye I have to say – it’s not as bad as I thought it was! As of 2011, no province has over 35% of the population with a BMI over 30. Now that’s not great, but not as bad as I thought it could have been. It still means we as a country can’t sit back as I’m sure the fear is that the trend will only continue to grow.  Just as I fear my gaining trend will grow. Must get back on track and not mindlessly eat!


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