Weight Loss

Weigh-In Week 154: Down a second week in a row!

Well, not expecting this I have to say. I am down 1.0lbs today for a new weight of 150.8lbs and a total loss of 100.8lbs. Yahoo!

Right before I stepped on the scale I mumbled the words, oh this isn’t going to be pretty…expecting a gain. Resigned to a gain once again. I have realized that I have very little confidence these days with my weight loss. Maybe it was the last year weighing on me? (Pardon the pun…unintentional I swear!) or maybe it’s the same pattern I’m starting to see that worries me? But yes, I  no longer think positively when I get to weigh-in. Part of it is that it’s easier to be surprised than to be disappointed. Maybe I’m protecting myself?

I found this on Pinterest and I thought it appropriate:5e5c473b07ccabe639143cfd36a49e50

I think with my crazy work schedule that has my workouts and runs happening at irregular intervals, I am not feeling confident enough these days and so that translates into my weight loss…I start to think that if I’m not working out enough, I won’t be able to lose weight. Which is ridiculous. I have to focus on my portions and what foods I’m eating. Confidence. I need to re-find that confidence I once had. That had me believing I could do this against all odds. That had be believing all this was possible. I need to find that again. This second loss in a row is a small step towards  finding that part of myself once again.



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