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Weigh-In Week 158: I’m Not Focused.

Nope. I haven’t been focused lately. And I can tell because the scale doesn’t lie. I was up 1.0lbs for a new weight of 153.0lbs and a total loss of 98.6lbs. Well I gotta say that’s annoying.  But not as annoying it’s really all m fault. I haven’t been tracking properly lately and clearly it showed!

On Tuesday, after weigh-in I got a call from my leader (who I don’t see anymore since I can’t go to the lunch meeting. I pop in to weigh-in in the mornings before work) who reminded me to stay the course. And also gently reminded me that I had, at one point, gotten down to 147lbs and was only 2lbs away from the high-end of my ideal weight. Oh gentle reminders! No so gentle are they!!

Well I’m happy to say I am getting my head back into it all and since Tuesday I have also been on track with not only my eating, but also my exercising. I ran Tuesday and Thursday night and hit the gym for a weight training session on Wednesday night. And I feel great! I’m also tracking everything I eat – which I know I know is the key. When I lie to myself, really the only person who loses is me.

Stop Holding Yourself Back

I need to re-focus my thinking and start re-tracking my exercise, my measurements, and my food. Yes it takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it and it keeps me on track. I know it works and quite frankly I’m getting annoyed with the fluctuations. I know how to lose and you deserve more entertaining blog posts!


4 thoughts on “Weigh-In Week 158: I’m Not Focused.

  1. thanks for this great post particularly the part about
    “Stop holding yourself back” – are we too afraid to be all that we can be? Perhaps the realization of this will be the freeing factor!

    1. I do wonder about that sometimes! I remember when I started getting looks and comments from men (not inappropriate, but even just a quick double-take) it made uncomfortable as I was not used to that! Fear can definitely be a factor.

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