Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 161: I’ll take it!

Well I am down 0.3lbs. My new weight is 153.2lbs and a total loss of 98.4lbs. Well I will take it. It could have been a gain! I did better this week. My goal is to do even better this week. I’m feeling more in control.

I’m  also out and running more these days. The weather has been off and on these days, so I’m taking advantage when I can. I haven’t run over 60km in one month in a while, but I did it this May! And I  might even be able to get one more in if the weather and my work cooperates this week. I’m also starting to think about my 10K race at the end of September…I’ve been sticking to 5K runs lately so I think I need to slowly get back into the habit of my long weekend runs and work my way back up to 10K. In fact I’d love to be able to run more than a 10K before the race. I’ve always stopped at the 10K mark…perhaps its time for a change and getting back to pushing myself!

May 2013


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