Weight Loss

Weigh-In Week 162: That Happened

Ouch. Well that happened at weigh-in. I was up 5.4lbs! New weight is 158.6lbs for a total loss of 93lbs.  Argh. How discouraging. I have to say I was surprised by the huge gain – my belt and clothes don’t feel tight, my rings are still loose and I exercised more this past week that I have in months. I did eat before weigh-in which I don’t normally do so I’m sure that contributed to it somewhat, but I’m not sure where I went so terribly off.

I’m really focusing on my night time eating this week. I need to get it under control. I’ve had some luck with it and I’ve been feeling in control since Tuesday – I hope to continue this week and I’m hoping for a good loss this week. I think this post is going to be short, I’m feeling discouraged and even though I ate well today, I feel bloated and uncomfortable. I did go out for a run tonight and that felt wonderful – it was a surprisingly easy run. I ran well at a nice consistent pace of 6min/km for a 30min 5k. It was cool out without too much wind. I’m happy I went out. Sometimes it’s just too easy to come home and stay home…Don't Give up


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