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Weigh-In Week 169: A loss again!

Oh yippee folks! I was down 1.6lbs at weigh-in! New weight is 155.7 for a total loss of 95.9lbs. Oh yeah! I also realize that this is the lowest weight I’ve been since May! Oh my. So apparently June and most of July was just a write-off. I’m hoping I can keep this going. I’m feeling positive about things again and I’ve been on track both with my eating and my activity.

1. Activity: I’ve been exercising regularly! This past weekend I had 3 days off and I ran every day! Yes, I do know that rest days are super important, but I only ran 5K each time and it felt great. I’m back to having rest days between runs 🙂

2. Food: I’ve been managing my eating at night a bit better than before! And when in doubt I make sure I have some blueberries or strawberries at home so if I feel like picking at something after dinner I can make a healthier choice. I’ve also been practicing actively talking to myself when I reach for something or I want to eat something point-heavy – I ask myself, do I really want that and will it quell my hunger? Am I just thirsty? It’s been working so far.

So I mentioned I had a 3 day weekend weekend right? Well I’m out walking about on Monday and what should I come across but a vintage store having a closing sale. I go in and see this cute dress on a mannequin…so I try it on..and it fits…and it’s on sale from $165 for $50…and so I buy it! Oh! That’s right people – I bought the dress. This dress:


I have a fancy work event coming up in mid-August and I’m hoping to wear the dress – provided I don’t gain any more weight as it just fits right now.  Not the best reasons for staying on plan, but hey, if it works for now as motivation then so be it 🙂  Also – can I point something out…I walked into a vintage store and bought a dress that had been on a mannequin!! What?! Never would I have been able to do that 3 years ago. My how things change…


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