Happy 3 Year Blogiversary to Me and a Giveaway!

Happy 3 Year Blogiversary to me!


Here we are….(ok, fine…technically July 31st!)…three years later and I’m still blogging about my weight loss journey. Maybe that’s the most important word there…JOURNEY. Oh there have been ups and downs, easy weeks and difficult months. My journey is definitely not over…I would still like to lose about 20lbs to reach my goal weight, but you know what? I think I’ve come a pretty long way in the last 3 years. Here I am – almost 100lbs lighter, I exercise regularly, and even though I struggle, I eat WAY better than I did years ago. So I know I’ve made progress, but sometimes I lose sight of just how much better off I am, how much healthier I am, than I was when I started.

I began this blog as a way to stay accountable – there’s something about posting my weigh-ins every week that does help me. Sometimes it’s harder than I want to admit to post and sometimes I can’t wait to share with you all my news. But in the end here I am…plodding along. Learning as I go. I wanted to thank you all for sticking with me through these years, readers who have been with me since the beginning and new readers. Thank you so much!

I mentioned before that I was reading the book Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss all about Big Food and how processed food has become ubiquitous in our modern life. I’m still halfway through the book, but I’m enjoying it immensely. And, if you’ve been following my blog you know I enjoy reading about eating/food, exercise, and the connections to obesity and weight loss and maintenance. And so to celebrate my 3rd Year Blogiversary and to thank you all for sticking with me I’m going to give away a copy of the book!

Salt Sugar fat


This giveaway is open to residents of Canada or the US only (I can’t afford overseas shipping! Sorry!) and will be sent to you either through Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

Open until Friday, August 9th, 2013 – 11:59pm Eastern. Saturday morning I’ll announce the winner!

How to enter: Just leave me a comment below with your favourite quick & easy meal made with real food (nothing processed!). Let’s share ideas on how to eat well!

Second way to enter: Follow me on twitter and leave me a tweet! Leave me a comment here that you’re following me.

How I choose the winner: I’ll use random.org to choose a number corresponding to your comment – which is why you must leave me a second comment here if you enter through twitter also.

*Disclaimer* – All opinions are my own. No one has paid me to say or promote any books or products, I just really like them so I choose to promote them.  Giveaway is paid for by me!



6 thoughts on “Happy 3 Year Blogiversary to Me and a Giveaway!

  1. You are doing so well! I just love reading your blog, though I don’t comment often. Your readers are out there, even if not vocal! I am still hanging in there in the 150’s like you and wishing I were a little lower. I keep having to remind myself about how much I’ve lost. Here’s my recipe: this is kind of a Salade Nicoise. I use some kind of small potato, such as Yukon Gold or baby red potato. Boil those while steaming some fresh green beans. Make a Dijon vinagrette ( mustard, olive oil, any kind of flavorful vinegar, herbs on hand–could be thyme, oregano, chives, etc. Add a bit of chicken stock or bouillon if you want your dressing to go farther without using a lot of oil). Serve with a broiled or fried salmon piece. This can be served warm or cold. And canned salmon or tuna can be used in a hurry but don’t count as a “fresh” ingredient as specified! 3 years!! Congratulations!

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