Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 171: This was a Good Week

Indeed it was. I was down 2.2lbs today at weight in with a new weight of 156.1lbs and a total loss of 95.5lbs. It feels good to be back in control. I will say that I have been doing pretty well so far with the night time eating. I haven’t had a complete out of control eating in a long time. I’ve been eating properly at night and it feels good. Yay!

Also – the giving up Splenda is going fantastically well! I haven’t caved and added it to my coffee or anything. And I’m doing well with getting used to the taste of one teaspoon sugar. Second Yay!

Thirdly – don’t forget to check out my GIVEAWAY! To celebrate my 3 year blogiversary I’m giving away a copy of the book Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss. Enter by leaving me a comment on the Giveaway post.

Fourthly – check out what my local grocery store has started doing. It’s a program called Guiding Stars.  The quick introduction to this program as on their website says:

“Guiding Stars is a food rating system that rates food based on nutrient density using a scientific algorithm to assign a 0, 1, 2 or 3 star rating. The program rates foods based on vitamins, minerals, fibre, whole grains, Omega-3s, saturated fat, trans fat, added sodium and added sugar. “

I was happy to see how they rated plain oatmeal vs flavoured oatmeal! Check it out:


Plain Oatmeal: 3 Stars!


Plain Instant Oatmeal: 3 Stars!


Flavoured Oatmeal: 1 Star!

I’m thrilled to see an accurate rating. Sometimes oatmeal has a halo around it, but when you add all that sugar, fake flavours, and dried fruit to it, it’s no better than any other sweetened cereal. Plain oatmeal is the way to go – add your own fruit, nuts, or sugar and make it even better than the store-bought flavours. 🙂


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