Weight Loss

Weigh-in Weeks 179 & 180: I’ve Been Struggling

Yes, we know it’s nothing new these days. But it got to a point where I didn’t even post last week. Well the lay of the land is that last week I was up 3.4lbs for a weight of 165.5lbs – OUCH! However, this week I was down 3.3lbs so I’m down to 162.2lbs. Still not great, but better then last week.

I’m struggling to get back on track these days it seems. It’s frustrating and it’s discouraging. I did have a good week last week and so far this week isn’t looking too bad. Although…it is Thanksgiving here in Canada this coming weekend and I do have a big turkey dinner on the Monday evening. My plan is to stay the course. Keep eating well, keep working out. Keep things going in the right direction. I haven’t been in a writing mood lately so I apologize that this is short and not really filled with much info. I’ve been wasting time on Pinterest, so I’ll leave you with these quotes and try to write something of more substance soon.




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