Weight Loss

Weigh-in Weeks 181 & 182: Oh Hai…!

Yesh, yesh, I am still here. I’ve been slacking on the blogging. My apologies. With all the ups and downs I’ve been less inclined to blog about it. I just assume no one wants to hear the difficulties. Well here’s the updates. Week 181 wasn’t so great – I was up Β 2.2lbs for a new weight of 164.4lbs and at last week’s weigh in I was down 2.9lbs for a new weight of 161.5 and a total loss of 90.1lbs.

I guess the reason I’m not thrilled is that I’m just not sure it’s the beginning of a downward trend or not yet. This week hasn’t been going great so far so we’ll see. I’ll get back to posting regularly this coming week!

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