Weight Loss

Weigh-in Weeks 183, 184, and 185: Boo-urns.

Well things have not gone according to plan. I mean do they ever really?  Let’s see what’s been happening: two weeks ago in particular was not a good one.  I was up 4.2lbs! Ooph! Well two things happened that week: 1. I switched into jeans for the coming winter – it was just too cold to keep weighing-in in a dress and 2. I was bloated. Neither of these helped and although I was expecting a gain, this one was a bigger one then I had thought. Last week went better and I was down 1.7lbs. And then this week was ok-ish in that I was up 0.2lbs. So my new weight is 164.2lbs. Not bad considering I spent the last week visiting my mom, but still not great. That number is much higher then the beginning of the year and it’s making me feel like a failure. I know that that’s harsh, but it’s how I feel right now.

I’m trying my best, but I fear my best is not good enough.

I haven’t been blogging because it’s been hard to write these numbers down. I know negative talk isn’t good for me – especially when it comes to weight loss but I feel like I’m caught in a spiral. I’m still running, but I know that what I’m eating isn’t where it should be. And it isn’t even like I’m eating huge amounts or tons of desserts! If it was, I’d understand!!

I feel like if I eat just a little bit more then my daily points, I’ll gain 2lbs. I know that self reporting when it comes to food is notoriously flawed (i.e. we always think we eat way less then we actually do), so maybe that’s it. Maybe I really have been eating so much more. I just can seem to get a handle on it and get back into a weight-loss groove. I felt so good at 150bls and now I just feel bloated, heavy, and weighed down.




4 thoughts on “Weigh-in Weeks 183, 184, and 185: Boo-urns.

  1. Hang in there bc you know you can do it! Nice to see you in the lunch time meetings again. And maybe you want to try Simply Filling if you aren’t tracking.

    1. Thanks Julia! It’s nice to see you at the meetings again too! I’ve thought about Simply Filling, but I think for now I need to get back into groove of tracking *properly* because I know I haven’t been.

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