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Weigh-in Week 186: Some Nice News

Well here I am – getting back on track with my blogging. Today at weigh-in I was down 1.2lbs for a new current weight of 163.0lbs and a total loss of 88.6lbs. I’m feeling good about last week and even about this coming week. Also a couple really nice things happened to me today:

1. Firstly, when I got to my meeting my regular leader was on vacation and the leader who normally fills in for her was there. We haven’t seen each other in a while – probably at least a year! – she commented how good I looked. Which, considering the ups and downs of late was nice to hear. She also told me that recently there had been a large meeting of the WW staff in my province and that my name came up when they were mentioning everyone who had reached 100lbs lost! WHAT!? That’s crazy! I’m not at 100lbs lost anymore – but to hear that I had made it and that in Quebec only about 16 or so meetings members had reached that was quite overwhelming.

Also at today’s meeting were a couple of senior staff – one of whom edits the Canadian version of the Weeklies. On the inside cover of the Weekly there is a highlighted Success Story (I put a pic below as an example).  She handed me the “Celebrate your Success” pamphlet and told me I should submit my story. I was a bit hesitant since I am not at goal and I’m not even at 100lbs lost anymore. She mentioned that other members are often inspired by our stories of the process, not just when we’re at goal. I often forget how far I’ve come by concentrating on how far I still have to go. I know this is not a good way of thinking, but sometimes it creeps in. So I’m thinking about it.  I’m a fan of my anonymity so we’ll see. But I am going to give it real consideration.



2. And secondly, a new gym opened up in my neighbourhood – it’s a 24hr gym. I have to say I’m curious. Sometimes my work schedule is so full that the only time I can get to gym is in the late evening – this past year I would often rush to get to the gym a half hour before closing just to rush in a workout. This new 24-hr gym offers 7-day free trial so I decided what better time to try it out then now! After my first work out the owner and I were chatting and he commented that I clearly seemed to know my around and that I was doing some really interesting exercises! Yay me! My program is old now, and I need a new one – should be getting one in December –  but it was nice that my program was noticed!

So that’s where I’m at. Feeling a bit more positive these days and on track. Off I go! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 186: Some Nice News

  1. I bet there are very few people who have lost over 80 pounds too! And you’ve been maintaining that loss for quite some time too even though it’s been tough to keep up the hundred pound loss. I love the idea of you being a featured story! That would be great. I love reading these stories and appreciate the challenges faced. One story that stays with me is a woman who lost over 100 pounds but took 8 years to do so! There is no reason not to stick with it. The years go by anyway : ) I am 10 pounds over goal–last December I was at goal so it is time to appreciate the weight lost and kept off and get to work on those final 10 pounds again. Like you, the earlier pounds were easier and the last few are tough to lose and maintain. Keep the faith!

  2. P.S. I met someone at a party last night who told me she works in marketing for Coca-Cola. After reading Sugar, Salt, Fat, I had to refrain from saying anything that might not be too friendly to a complete stranger about the evils of her employer! But maybe next time we meet, I can counsel her to leave the Dark Side and find a new job. Ha ha. Thanks again for the awesome book! Nettie

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