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Weigh-in Week 188: Feeling Confident

Ooph! I’m late on this post. But not because I didn’t want to or because I gained, but rather because the days just got away from me and I didn’t have time to sit down for a proper post! This week I was down 1.2lbs for a new weight of 162.0lbs and a total loss of 89.6lbs.

Last week went pretty well for the most part. Well I mean it did in terms of weight loss, but to be honest I wasn’t really expecting it. I was doing well until Saturday and ate a bit more then my daily points (but not over my weekly points) and I felt bloated Sunday, Monday, and even Tuesday morning. I find that now, at my current weight I REALLY feel even the slightest changes in my body – like bloating. When I was at my biggest, or heck, even over 200lbs I could easily gain and/or lose 10lbs and not notice. I’m serious. If you’ve ever been over 200lbs you know exactly what I’m talking about.

This week is going ok, but with the bloating sometimes I don’t have a very accurate sense of how my weigh-in will be. This week remains to be seen, but overall I am feeling better about my eating. I think I’m making better choices portion-wise and I’m definitely feeling more in control – which is always a nice feeling especially in December! The holiday parties have started already and there’s always a lot of temptations about. My first party of the season was last Friday and at the end of the night there was tons of food left over – my friend was offering leftover food  – loaves of bread, cheesecakes etc. What did I end up taking?? A large bowl of salad (spring mix and veggies without dressing)! Yahoo for good choices!


Do you have any tips for getting through the holiday season without going overboard?? Please do share!


3 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 188: Feeling Confident

  1. I find visualization helpful. If I have a picture in my head of what my plate will look like when at a dinner party, it’s easier to overlook the other stuff and focus on assembling the dinner I visualized. Then I take my plate and eat far away from the food table. (My family gatherings are always buffet style)

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