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Weigh-in Week 189: Up 0.1lb

So on Tuesday I was up 0.1lbs for a new weight of 162.1lbs and total loss of 89.5lbs.  That’s not too bad considering I had my first major xmas party of the season. I didn’t watch what I ate as much as I should have – I had a bit of a free-for-all with some YUMMY fresh baked goods from a local bakery! Bread and bread products…yup, still my weakness.

I have a bunch of events coming up this week, but I’m ready for them. I’m going to make a very conscious decision to ask myself each time whether or not I really want to eat something or am I just eating out of habit.

Last month at the WW meetings we were talking about slowing down how we eat by taking a sip of water between bites. I have been actively trying this out and let me tell you – it’s harder then it sounds!! Now I grew up in a house where dinner-time was for eating not talking. We didn’t sit around and chat, we sat, ate, and got up. So I tend to eat quickly. I’ve been trying this at home on my own and it is not easy – it seems to take so long to eat!! But I will say, I definitely feel fuller after and stay satiated longer. So that’s a good thing.

I have a big dinner coming up this weekend where I will actively try to take my time while eating. There is often lots of food but also lots of great company so my focus will be on that and not on the food. I will pick and choose my favourites and not try to cram everything on my plate. That is my goal! Oh the holidays are approaching!!!



4 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 189: Up 0.1lb

  1. I’ve been following the WW advice for slowing down and drinking water between bites. Once I started paying attention, I noticed that as I was finishing chewing a bite and about to swallow, I’d already have the next forkful queued up ready to go. Totally unconscious behavior. Now I try (sometimes succeed) to put the fork down while chewing. A lifetime of habits to unwind.

    1. It’s a great thing to do – I’ve been trying it out as well. It definitely leaves me feeling fuller at the end of the meal, but it’s so hard sometimes. I have to really make a conscious effort to do it. But I think it’s worth the effort.

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