Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 193: Finally down again!

Alright, alright. Finally. I am down a significant amount. FINALLY! Tuesday at weigh-in I was down 1.9lbs for a new weight of 161.5lbs and back into the 90s with a total loss of 90.1lbs. I haven’t been at this weigh since October 22nd. That following week I gained 4.2lbs and I honestly feel like I’ve been trying to lose it ever since.

…Okay, so with all good intentions I started this post on Tuesday evening after my weigh-in but since then my life has been a bit crazy and I never got back to it. I’ve also been doing some hibernating here and there.

Well let’s see – what’s new…I bought my first every WW cookbook. This one:


Yes, it’s a bit older but it looked like it has some good, quick easy meals inside which I’d like to try. I’ve also been keeping up with my running and exercising, but I have been changing things around lately which I hope will lead to weight loss. I’d love to get back to 150…that was a good weight for me.  I want to write a detailed post about my exercising lately. Oh so many posts rattling around in ma head I just haven’t gotten down. I will.

I’ve also been meaning to post a round up for 2013 and some goals for 2014 (as those of you who have been reading know I don’t believe in resolutions). I’m working on it…I swear! Things are just getting pushed back right now. I thought I had loads of free time, but it’s been disappearing fast and a deluge of work is coming…


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