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Holy Emotional Eating Batman!

Wow. So the other day I had a bad day at work and ended up having to stay late unexpectedly. Given I already work 12 hour days a 14 hour day was even worse because I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have my dinner, I didn’t have plans that evening but I did have lots to do that night that I had to do when I got home.

Well what happened you ask!? I got home in a foul mood, I had started snacking badly at work because I wasn’t prepared with a healthy dinner or snack to tie me over so when I got home all I wanted to do was to eat, eat, eat. And that I did! I huge soup topped with lots of cheese and bread on the side followed by a big bowl of popcorn as I settled in to stay up late to get to the work I had to do.


It was such a clear case of emotional eating! I sometimes wondered if I was an emotional eater or not. Or if really at the heart of it of it all I just eat big portions. I know for sure I eat when I’m bored, other than that I had never really noticed if I ate when I was feeling  particularly happy, sad, or angry. But I am definitely noticing the connections now. Sheesh! How many years have I been at this?!

It’s good to see the connections though as it can only help me to plan ahead and fight it. I can talk to myself and be clear that I’m only eating because I’m tired or angry or upset. The first step is acknowledging the problem right?


8 thoughts on “Holy Emotional Eating Batman!

  1. Yes, it really is. I find that it helps me to analyze where I’ve gone off track in the past so that I can plan strategies for how to deal with that situation in the future.

  2. Now you are empowered to approach the situation differently next time… because there will always be those days and a “next time”. Sounds like amazing progress to me!

  3. I think lots of people (ME) deal with this. Understanding why you do it helps, next is to find the motivation you need to resist the urge when it comes up again. Keep at it! 😀

  4. It happens to all of us. But you stopped once you saw what was happening. When I get into the danger zone of emotional eating, I have distractions – knitting, walking, puppy dance party – that help me think straight and avoid trouble.

  5. I’m an emotional eater these days, having recovered from binge eating, I now sometimes emotional eat and the worst thing about it is that you know you’re doing it. But you can’t stop, well you can but it’s hard!

  6. I totally relate to this ><

    I noticed this weekend that when I get nervous and and placed in social situations, I tend to want to eat too. Happened twice this weekend.

    Check out my blog! myweightolose.com, we have a few things in common 🙂

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