Weight Loss


Alright, alright…it’s not really truthiness…it’s actual truth. Here I am. Back again. Not sure if I’ll start posting regularly but at least I’m thinking I’d like to come back to it all.

So where do we begin? I think we should begin at the truth. The truth is that the last couple years have been very difficult for me weight-wise. I’ve struggled and I’ve regained more than I’m comfortable with. So where am I right now? I’m sitting at a slightly uncomfortable 179.2lbs. But on the plus side that means I’m down 5.7lbs since the middle of January.

So here’s an honest look at how the last two years have gone:

Progress Graph 2013
Progress Graph 2013

And this:

Progress Graph 2014
Progress Graph 2014

But so far so good it would seem and here is how this year is going so far:

Progress Graph 2015
Progress Graph 2015

So here we are. I’m determined to get back on track this year and am making a concerted effort to track everything I eat and exercise regularly. I’ll try to visit again soon and update things. How are things with all of you? Is anyone still out there? Hi!! *waving* 🙂


3 thoughts on “Truthiness

  1. Still out there, for sure. I’m sorry to hear it’s been difficult. I’m going through the same thing and I’m not even courageous enough to step on the scale. Kudos for opening up again, and for making enough right choices to get your weight loss on the right track again. You can do this!!!

  2. Never give up! From what I have read of your blog so far, its great by the way, we have had a very similar journey. I originally lost about 60lbs through hard work and weight watchers. I had a baby last year and gained all of my weight, and a little more, back. I’m currently trying to undergo a lifestyle transformation with the intention of setting a great example for my daughter. Anyway, keep up the good work!

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