Weight Loss

I’m back?

Hi folks (she whispers into the ether…)

Hmm…not sure if anyone is around anymore, but just in case (HI!!!).

I haven’t been on here in almost 2 years! Eeek. We’ll I’m dipping my toe in again to see if I’d like to come back on a regular basis. I’ve slipped. AGAIN. Blah. blah. blah. Same old story isn’t it?  Well I have and I’ve been having trouble getting back on track and losing the weight I’ve put on. Last week I weighed in (for the first time in 7 years) at 200.4lbs. UGH.

So I’m determined to make a proper go at this once again. Writing this blog helped me before and may it’ll help me again. So here’s hoping there’s someone reading out there, but if not…it’s okay…this really is for me. So here I go.

I’ll update things slowly and maybe I’ll even post regularly again. I’m trying to recommit to as many things that helped the the first time around as I can. So goes nothin’… (or maybe somethin’…you know the drill…)


14 thoughts on “I’m back?

  1. Hi Hi Hi Hi!!!! So happy to see a post from you!!! If you are willing to give it a try once again, that will help me too. Yes, I’ve slipped too. Nettie

  2. Welcome back! Hmmmm slipping, I’ve done way more than slipping lol. I fell right off a cliff. So frustrating to see again, look at pictures where I thought I was at my absolute heaviest/worse and know I have an extra 30-40 lbs on that. Here’s to getting back on track. Good luck!!!!

    1. p.s. can I convince you to switch to a newer theme so folks will be able to read your blog better on mobile devices? How about Penscratch 2, Button 2, or Nucleare? You know where to find me if you need any help!

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