About Me

Hi! A little bit about me…

I’m a 33 34 35 40 year old theatre artist/TV professional living in gorgeous Canada and this is my weight loss blog. I have been overweight my entire life and about 10-12 years ago I managed, through hard work and Weight Watchers, to lose 52lbs over 8 months with a final weight of 176.6lbs. Sadly I then moved away to pursue a graduate degree and the weight crept back on and over 2 and a half years I gained a whopping 75 pounds!!

Well I can’t just sit back and let this continue so I’m back on track with a goal to lose the weight one last time. 

As of July 31st, 2010 I am 5’4 and weigh 244lbs. That’s a BMI of 41.9! Okay. So clearly I need to get fit – it’s not going to get any easier to lose the weight so why not start now?

For my height my ideal weight is between 117-146 pounds.  I have chosen 145lbs 160lbs as my final goal weight, rather randomly I must say. I will re-evaluate this number as I get closer to goal.

To be upfront I have chosen to lose weight through Weight Watchers. This is not an ad for them or in any way affiliated with them, but I wanted to be upfront about my process. Weight Watchers really worked well for me last time and helps keep me accountable.  Some of my challenges are portion size and recognizing when I’m full and I find that WW helps me with my challenges.

At the same time I’ve decided to start this blog. Now, I’ve never blogged before so please do bear with me! I hope that this blog will keep me accountable and help me track my journey. If you should find yourself stumbling upon this blog please do be kind and leave a comment. I think support and sharing  is critical for healthy weight loss.

Off I go!

Updated: 01/2018


34 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just thought I’d leave you a comment, because I just started a blog, too, and am so excited knowing that 2 people clicked on my page today haha Small victories. No comments yet, though *sigh*

    In any case, I’m also blogging about my weight loss journey, though also about my workouts, and I also live in Canada (Saskatchewan). Funny, I also thought blogging would be a good way to stay accountable. Good luck!

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks for coming by my blog – small victories indeed! I’m on the other side of the country in Quebec 🙂

      I don’t have a plan for this blog yet, I’m hoping to blog about my goals, how I’m changing my diet and also my workouts. Good Luck to you too!

  2. I am also Canadian and doing the same thing, writing a blog to keep me accountable for my actions while trying to lose weight. Seems there are a lot of us doing that! lol. I am following weight watchers but can’t afford the meetings so I have all the books and am doing it on my own – good luck to us both!

  3. Hi Lia, my name is Charity. I stumbled upon your blog through another person’s blog roll..would love to figure out how to do that..this is my first blog to. I am not Canadian, I’m in Bauxite, AR way in the south and what feels like the middle of nowhere! But, I am trying to lose weight..so that’s why I thought I would stop by and check out your blog. I love what you wrote about diet cokes..you’re exactly right though that if you tried to give it up you couldn’t. But, that’s great that you don’t need to drink them anymore! Good for you! Well, I’ll be checkin in regularly! Have a great day!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      I figured out how to do the blogroll not too long ago: to put it in your sidebar go to Appearance → Widgets → Links and then you go to the Links section under Posts/Media to add the new links. Hope that helps!

      I checked out your blog – good luck on the weight loss process as well! It seems we’re starting at a similar weight. I’ll be sure to check in regularly too 🙂


    1. Thanks again 🙂

      Yes, I find WW to be a useful tool in my weight loss – I need that accountability. Along with the successes I also find there are many people (myself included) who lose the weight and then regain and rejoin. I believe more and more that WW needs to used as a tool in one’s weight loss journey, and not as a holy grail. Without lifestyle changes I’m not convinced that maintaining a weight loss is possible.

      If you are thinking if rejoining – I would definitely recommend it. The new program has a much better focus on whole and natural foods in lieu of processed, nutritionally void “weight loss” products.

  4. HI! Just found your blog and thought I would say hello. It’s unfortunate that weight loss and weight gain go back and forth. I hope weight watchers is working for you though! I’m excited to follow through your journey!

  5. I came across your blog today looking for a picture of 18 pounds of butter! Funny! I am also on WW and have lost 18 pounds.

    I also am what I call a repeat offender – this is the my 2nd go around with WW. I lost 25 the first time.

    I am 36 – 5’4″ also – starting weight 193 and am down to 175. Unfortunately 193 was my heaviest every outside of being pregnant – which was much more than that even caring twins…

    I am from Georgia – so way south from you! Thanks for sharing your story!

  6. Hi! Just found your blog today (googled for potatoes!!!). I, too, am doing WW to live a healthier life and am blogging. Can’t wait to follow your blog. You are doing AWESOME!!!

  7. I am also blogging my weight loss journey! I decided that blogging was a great way to stay accountable!!! I live in Australia and I follow weightloss blogs from all over the world! Come by anytime and drop me a line!!!

  8. Hey lady! I just started my weight loss journey on Weight Watchers, and came across your blog on WordPress. It’s given me a lot of wonderful ideas, and an incredible amount of inspiration! You are truly amazing, and I wish you the best of luck as you continue forward!!

  9. Hi there! I just found your blog and I’ll absolutely following it. I started a few days ago with my weight loss blog. May be you wanna pop in and if you wanna leave a comment I’ll be very glad! Take care!

  10. Hi!
    Like all the other comments I read here I stopped in to take a look at your well established weight loss blog. I have started one too as a method of accountability I guess. I was really impressed not only with your successes but with your perserverance!! Way to go…. you sound like me by the way…. lose, gain, lose, gain… Ugh. I am also loosely following Weight Watchers. I am following your blog but am so new I don’t know how wordpress will notify me when you post…. Guess I’ll find out soon. LOL. Good Luck!!! You’re doing great.

  11. We have the same story. I weighed in at 250 at age 11 and had lost 60 pounds by senior year of high school. I gained about 40-50 of it back in college and now am back at square 1. You’re proof that if you can do it once, you can do it twice so here’s to trying

  12. Hello everyone. My name is Ashley and it was suggested by a family member to find a blog about people who over eat and know what I might be going through. For the past two years or so I have put on more weight than I have ever before. My current weight is 259 and I am 28 years old. My mom about a year had gastic bypass and has lost 120 pounds. My sister is skinny and she can eat WHATEVER she wants and not gain a pound. I feel like the weight problem is being shoved in my face everyday and it just makes me want to eat more. I am trying to read about this issue through books and thinking about attending a OA meeeting. If anyone else has suggestions about what more I can do please let me know.
    Thank you for putting your story out here so that I don’t feel alone.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for coming by! Just so you know this isn’t a forum, it’s my personal blog about my weight loss so other readers may or may not see your posts. You are currently almost at the weight I was when I started. I want you to know IT IS possible to get your eating and weight under control but it takes a lot of work (and lifelong work – it doesn’t really get that much easier) and lots of determination. Don’t let setbacks stop you. They are merely hurdles, you will over come them if you don’t give up.

      Now I’m quite open about the fact that I follow weight watchers. This may or may not be the right program for you. Regardless – one of the KEY ways to succeed in weight loss is writing down what you eat. There are lots of free online tools to help you do that such as My Fitness Pal or Spark People – if you google them you’ll find it. I would suggest you start with that – start writing down what you eat just to get a sense of your starting point. As you start to make changes in how/what you eat my biggest advice is to start SMALL. Don’t take on too much too soon – it’s a recipe for disaster. When we try to do more than we are prepared for we get overwhelmed and are more likely to become discouraged and stop. Also, don’t expect big changes right away – like losing a lot of weight right off the bat, or gaining tons of muscle because you worked out. All these changes – body & mind – happen slowly and accumulate.

      If you’re looking for more blogs, check out on my home page my links section where I’ve listed some of the weight loss blogs I follow.

      Good luck! And feel free to come by often 🙂

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