Measurements: February 2013

Well here they are folks. Really I’ve only lost one pound over the month as I did have my holiday gain and only lost a 1/4 of an inch in my hips. I’m okay with this as it is a tough time with the cold weather and all. I’m just happy as long as I’m losing. Here’s my latest chart. Click on it to see a larger version.

February 2013 Measurements

I’m still working on my goal post – got some great advice from a friend of mine who reached goal and lifetime last night. Will post that sometime this week. Hope you’re all having a good weekend. My goal is to get out for an outside run this afternoon when the weather gets a bit warmer.


Measurements: January 2013

Well lookie here! I lost 3 inches in the last month. I’m guessing from the crazy weight-losses. Nice to see the body changing after all this time. Check out my measurements here and as always click to see a larger version:

January 2013 Measurements

Also, can I point out that I’ve lost a total of 48 inches off my body since I started this 2.5 years ago. Okay, that’s a bit crazy. That’s all for today. Hope you’re having a good weekend everyone!


Measurements: December 2012

Okay, so I’m late…we’re halfway through the month already! But here they are. I really want to get back in the habit of posting these. Click on the jpeg to see a larger image.

Measurements December 2012

Well, not a heck of a lot of change. I lost 3/4″ in total. That’s okay. At this point I’m not expecting huge changes, but it’s nice to see some things going down. Still wishing for the smaller calves to fit into boots…I know the running doesn’t help it, and I am seeing much more muscle definition, but I know there’s a good layer of fat over it still. I’m pretty sure my legs will be the last place where I lose weight. My mom is built the same way.

I’m off for a run this afternoon to take advantage of the daylight. I so rarely get to run in the day anymore. Here’s looking forward to the winter solstice so the days can start getting longer again 🙂

Hope you’re all having a good weekend!


Measurements: November 2012

Oh! So it truly has been one whole year since I took my measurements. Well here they are, in inches and centimetres. (Click on it to see a bigger jpg)

Although I’ve only lost 6lbs in a year (gah!) I have lost 6 1/2 inches all around. This feels  pretty good. My body shape does feel different and clothes that didn’t fit well before fit better now even though the actual number on the scale hasn’t changed very much. I need to get back into this each month. I think it will give me the motivation I’m looking for. And hey, I should never forget that I’ve lost a TOTAL of 44 1/4 inches off my body. That’s a heck of a lot and something I should remember and be proud of – and not be discouraged by what I still have to lose!

I’m kinda thrilled about my calves though – 16 3/4!!! Wow! I know that’s still huge, but slowly and surely I’m getting down to a “normal” size…normal in that I can buy knee-high boots from a regular store 🙂

Do you take your measurements? Are they telling you a different story than the weight loss?

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Weigh-in Week 76: Catch up time

This is the post where I finally catch up on the things I’ve been letting slide – like my measurements and September’s activity log. This is also the post where I tell you I gained 0.1lbs at weigh-in today. Now, I must say I’m not discouraged by it as I would normally be. For a  variety of reasons: 1. My big Thanksgiving dinner was last night – so that’s not the best timing and 2. okay really? 0.1lb is nothing…seriously that’s 45 grams. I’m thinking this one more of a stay-the-same kinda week and that’s okay by me for a holiday weekend.

Here’s where we start seeing a difference though. I measured myself yesterday (Monday) morning and I’m seeing some progress! Woohoo. It’s all still minor, but it’s moving in the right direction (click to see a larger version):

In total I’ve lost 37.5 inches since I started keeping track last September! Clothes are fitting better and sitting better. I’m still working on my gut, I’ve got the rolls and I’m not convinced they are going away, but I am trying to minimize. I’m also hoping my calves will keep going down. Even to get down to a 15″ calf would be amazing as I *might* have a chance with some knee-high boots…a girl can dream.

I’m now sitting almost comfortably at a size 10 in most stores. Sometimes a size 11. And I’m at a medium or small in stores like Old Navy, Gap, and Reitman’s, but I’m still a large or extra large in Simon’s (the Quebec deparment store I love). I tried on a dress a month ago at Jacob and I was a medium! I couldn’t believe it. I’m feeling fairly comfortable that now I can shop at most *regular* sized stores and usually find something. I’ll be honest – I’m kinda amazed at how much cheaper the clothes are (in price not quality).

I’ve  mentioned before but my September activity challenged ended in a bust because of my injury post-race. But I’m happy to report that with some taking it easy and targeted stretching I’m feeling much better! I’ve now run four times since and no return of the tightness or pain. I even did an hour long run on Sunday and still felt great afterwards 🙂

Speaking of September Challenges here are our final stats for September for Bubblymel and I!

Bubblymel: -2.3/2 kg &  516.5/960 minutes of activity

Me: -1/5lbs & 1085/1200 minutes of activity

Here is the detailed breakdown of my September Activity(Click for a bigger picture):

I’m thinking it’s showing me too much reliance on just running. I need to get back to the gym more often to keep working different muscles!

I’ve entered a new challenge for October called ROCKTOBER! My goals are 4lbs and 1200 minutes once again. Let me know if you want to join me and I’ll be better at posting updates (except of course we are about halfway through the month…ah, that’s okay, there’s always time!)

So I’ve been trying to upload a picture of the pumpkin pie I made this year, but it seems my phone and my computer are having none of it. So it’ll just be a post by itself later this week. Pie. Indeed. 😀

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August Activity Log & September Measurements

Yay, I’m back on track after a summer of neglecting my activity and measurement tracking (which probably explains why I’ve only lost 3.2.lbs since June!).

First off, here are my measurements I took this morning. Lo and behold I have not changed AT ALL except for a 1/4″ off my calves. Hey I’ll take it! One day I hope to be able to wear knee-high boots…a girl can dream can’t she?   The good news is that my ankles seem to have shrunk. I know this because I tried on a pair of winter boots I own from about 3-4 years ago, which was the last time I could wear them because they zip up over the ankle, and they FIT! This means I have an extra pair of winter boots. Can’t go wrong with that.

Here are my measurements (click on it to see a bigger image):

The end of August also means the end of the August challenge on the WW forum boards, Awesome in August.  This month I did 1325 minutes of activity and managed to surpass my goal of 1200 minutes. However, I fell short of my weight-loss goal of 7lbs by only losing 0.6lbs. Eeesh. At least it was a negative? Right? For a while I was worried it wouldn’t be. My final stats can be found on my Challenges page. I find them super useful to keep me on track. I’ve entered a new challenge for September called Slender September Superstars and my goals are to lose 5lbs and to get in 1200mins again.

I also have a full Activity Log to post for August once again! Here it is (click to see a bigger image) :

So here’s a thought? Would you like to join a September Challenge with me? If so, post your weight-loss and activity minute goals (e.g. 5lbs & 1000 minutes) below and I’ll  check-in once a week on Fridays with our stats.

 If there’s interest I’ll do this every month!

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Measurements: June

Ack! I’m so behind on these!! My apologies to all my new readers. I’m usually much better at posting between my weigh-ins however the last two months have been crazy with work.

I took my measurements over the weekend and didn’t have time to post them so here they are. I include both inches and cm.  I only include the cm because on the WW tracker they use cm which is ridiculous. Yes I’m in Canada but other then official government documentation we tend to use imperial for height, weight, and body measurements.  Click on it to see a bigger picture.

The summary of the measurements is that I’ve lost 4 inches since mid-April. Yay! I think that’s not too bad. The last time I’d lost 4 inches I had also lost over 10lbs back in January and February so that means there are physical changes happening even if the weight loss has slowed.

My measurement wish list is that I hope my waist goes down, I fear this might be genetics but it would be lovely to have a proper waist. I’ve got the starting signs of one, but I think it’s still a long ways away. My other wish is for my calves to go down. I have HUGE calves and that means I can’t  wear boots that go above my ankle (and I’m not willing to buy shoes online for wider calves. Shoes are something I have to try on before buying …and even then if you saw how long it takes me to decide!)

The best thing ever is that I’ve lost a total of 33.75 inches since I started taking my measurements in September 2010. Woohoo! I like seeing the progress on paper if I still at times can’t see in in person.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, it was beautiful here and I took the time to hang out with friends and enjoyed my balcony as much as I could. This is my view: