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Weigh-in Week 178: So I ran my third 10K

Yuppers. I did it. Last Sunday. I also weighed-in last Tuesday. Let’s get that business out of the way shall we? Well it’s not good news. I was up 1.2lbs for a new weight of 162.1lbs and a total loss of 89.5lbs. Things are going from bad to worse it would seem. I’m not on track and to be honest the way this week has been going it’s not going to be a good one either. Le Sigh. I’m not sure how to turn this around just yet. I know I will, but I hope my head gets in the game sooner then later.

Let’s talk about this race of mine though. I ran it. Officially my third 10K race in three years. This year I ran it in 1:02:04. A whopping 6 seconds faster then my time last year! OOph! Not at all what I had hoped for. My goal is to get in under an hour. Wasn’t even close this year. I do wonder often about last year’s time as it was at a different 10K event. I wonder because my ipod said I’d only run 9.6km, not 10. This year it clocked it at 10km. So I wonder if perhaps I am in fact faster then I thought I was, but that last year’s time is inaccurate? Who knows. Maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better about the whole thing.

To be honest the race put me into a bit of a funk and I didn’t run for a week. I went out for my first run since the race yesterday afternoon. It was an ok run. The kind of run I have having not run for a week. I think I’ll sign up for the 10K again for next year so I can try to get the time I seek. I guess the real reason I’m disappointed in my time is that I know if I hadn’t gained back this 10lbs my time would be faster. This is a fact – the less you weigh the faster your times. So that’s at the root of it all. I’m disappointed with myself.

Well, at least I ran it and for all intents and purposes I ran it in less time than last year. Here are photos of the day:



Tons of people at the race. Between all the events (1K, 5K, 10K, Half, and Marathon) 32,000 people ran through the streets of Montreal on Sunday, September 22nd!




It was hard to find my friends in the crowd and it was so cold and rainy!




The finish line was at a park – a wet, rainy, muddy park!




But I did it and I got my medal!




The muddy shoes prove it all 😉

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Weigh-in Week 177: I’m running a 10K!

Well weigh-in didn’t go as planned. I was up 0.9lbs for a new total of 160.9lbs with a total loss of  90.7lbs.

I’m very late on this post, mostly because this week has been a bit crazy for me. The main reason is that last weekend I learned that my 10K race was tomorrow – Sept. 22nd and NOT the 29th as I had thought all along!! EEEK! Thank goodness my friend mentioned it – she’s running the half. I ran my practice 10K last weekend and the new news totally messed with my mind. My run was hard and I even got a stitch in my side which I never get anymore. Oooph.

I think I’m ready for tomorrow. I mean I will be able to run it, it’s just a matter of if I’ll be able to run it in the time I want. Right now my main goal is to beat last year’s time  of 1:02:10.

I think this post will be short and sweet as I have to get to bed and make sure I’m up nice and early so I have time to digest my oatmeal and drink my coffee. I’ll report back after the race!

Here is the course this year. It has some hills, but they’ve broken up the one big one we had 2 years ago. The rain is falling right now, which is nice as it’s cutting the humidity. All this makes for hopefully a favourable race. Here goes nothing!


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Weigh-in Week 176: A good week

So I had a good week. Down 2.8lbs for a new weight of 160.0lbs and a total loss of 91.6lbs. Now I’m not calling this a good start – since we all know how that can go! Let’s just call it a good week. I hope to have another good week this week. I’m being cautious as it hasn’t always worked out before.

I’m trying to make my lunches at work and to eat healthfully in the evenings. I’m also upping my running this week as my training for my third 10K race is in full swing! Just a reminder – the race is on Sunday the 29th. This weekend I run my practice 10K. I’m looking forward to it, but I don’t think my pace will at what I’d like it to be.  I’m hoping that by losing a bit of weight between now and the race in two weeks it will help with my pace. But above all I can’t give up and I have to give it my best this weekend and at the race.


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Weigh-In Week 175: A New Beginning?

Ok, so things are not going well. I was up 3.5lbs yesterday at weigh-in for a new weight of 162.8 and a total loss of 88.8lbs.

I guess that’s what comes from taking the long weekend off tracking. Eesh. The damage is worse then expected. Yes I had some ice cream, yes, I had some pie, but you know at the end of the day I didn’t think my choices were that terrible – especially not 3.5lbs terrible.

But I’m feeling better about the upcoming week and month.  In fact even the last couple days things have been going better. I am making good choices and before eating I am even giving thought that I should double-check if I have enough points. I’ve eaten well and I’ve eaten within my points budget. I also went out for a run last night – I’m keeping on track with my 10K training.

Now, something I know to be true is that true change (weight loss, regular exercise, quitting smoking etc.) can only happen from within. There is nothing someone else can say that will make one act or to get their butt in gear. It’s all internal. It’s all about that voice in your head. Well I can say that things are feeling like they might be moving back in sync. I’m not happy where my pace is at for running these days – the extra weight doesn’t help and it’s the last thing I want before a race. And I am able to be more in control this coming month with my food – I’ve started making my lunch again so I’m hoping this will all lead to more positive thinking on my part and some real results.

My old leader and the receptionist have both recommended I try to get back to meetings. I’d love to, but only problem is that there isn’t really one available at a time I’m free. All the weekend ones are early Saturday’s and I can’t risk that given that I work Saturdays sometimes. I wish there were some available in the afternoons on the weekends. There is one at 7:45am on Wednesdays. It just seems a bit too early, but I’m wondering if it’s worth it to switch my weigh-ins to Wednesdays and try these meetings.

Well, here’s to getting back on track…


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Weigh-in Week 173: Mrrph

Well, this is a delayed post isn’t it! This past Tuesday I was up 0.1lbs at weigh-in. Not feeling so great about this. New weight is 159.6lbs and a total loss of 92lbs. Yeah. That’s where I’m at.

Things that have happened this week, the good, the bad, the ugly:

1. I ran 3x this week

2. I ran a long run today – 7.2km! On my way to getting back to running a 10K. This is good since my race is coming up on September 29th!

3. Unfortunately my pace was slow…6:12 per km (that’s about a 10 minute/mile). Blargh. Slow is me. The weight gain doesn’t help. Even a couple pounds slows one down.

4. I went to a garlic festival! Mmmm…garlic.

5. I ate 2 garlic buns for lunch that day. Promptly when I got home. D’oh!

6. I dropped my keychain after the festival and lost my 100lbs lost WW charm. The irony is not lost on me. Sigh. I WILL get it back. I WILL earn it again.

7. I bought a $200 dress on a whim.

8. I got tons of compliments on said dress 😉

9. I brought the rest of the garlic buns to a pot-luck party so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat them all. It worked. But I ate a bunch of delicious fig dip at said party while wearing the dress from #6.

9. I found a book on the sidewalk (this is a common thing in Montreal where people put out boxes of free books during the day and anyone is welcome to sift through and take what they want).

10. This book happens to be the cookbook Crazy Plates (from the LooneySpoons authors!) I actually don’t have either of these, my mom has one, so I’m curious to try some recipes. For those who don’t know – they are a series of low fat cookbooks by Canadian authors.


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Weigh-In Week 136: Habits, Habits, Habits (oh, and new Weight Watchers 360°)

Well today at weigh in I was up 1.0lbs for a new weight of 157.5lbs and a total loss of 94.1lbs. Boo. But to be expected. I had trouble at my xmas dinner this weekend. I also ran a lot (My long run was an unexpected 10K!) and both these things helped me show a gain today. Mrrfph.

I have to say I did really well during my holiday dinner…until dessert, sorta. I was able to resist the non-delicious looking rum balls, the store-bought Queen Elizabeth cake, and even limited myself with the gingerbread men cookies to just one. HOWEVER. Yes, isn’t there always a however…a friend brought home made chocolate macaroon cookies – like the ones that are chocolate and coconut, not the French pastries. Well coconut is one of my weaknesses and needless to say I have no idea how many I ate. Really, no clue. I lost count. I also noticed some of my bad habits coming back. These bad habits that have been keeping me stuck all year like the little voice in my head that says things like: “oh, how much damage can one cookie do?”, “oh, so good, if one is good, two (three, four) will be even better”. Bah! Shut up. That is so not true. Not true at all. I also saw some late night snacking come sneaking back in. Double Bah!

But, I’m feeling good about this upcoming week and getting back on track. My head seems to be back in the game so to speak and I’m confident I can re-banish the bad habits. This first dinner was a wake up call and I know I have to re-evaluate my approach to events. I’ve prepped veggies for snacking for the week and prepped low point lunches for the week to help me get through.

Also – did you read that in the first paragraph? My long run this weekend was a 10k! I meant to do 9, but felt great and kept going! I felt amazing afterwards. Now to work my way up to a 12k. I’ve never run for more than 10k. I’d like to give it a try before the end of the year. That gives me 3 more weeks!

Yes – I forgot to take my measurements. Mea culpa. I will take them this weekend!

This week Weight Watchers also launched it’s “new” program called 360° – fear not for those afraid of change – it’s not a major overhaul like the PointsPlus system was, rather it’s one of their yearly upgrades. Not much different except that they are now focusing on things like changing habits and developing healthy routines in places of unhealthy ones. It seems pretty cool so far.  I’ll do a post about it this week once I’ve read through all the material. They did, clearly, get a spiffy more contemporary design though. Although is it just me or does the 6 look weird?



I Did It! A10K Personal Best

Woohoo! Ran the race this morning with a time of 1:02:10! That’s 5m36s FASTER than my time last year. I am thrilled, I may have been 10 minutes over the average for the race, I may have come in 958th place out of 1101, but it’s a personal best for me and that makes me proud. I can’t even begin to imagine where I was 2 years ago. I could barely walk up that mountain to get home let alone run longer than a block without wheezing. But here I am, I’ve run my fourth race, my second 10K.  Never would I have imagined myself here 2 years ago.

I won’t lie, this was a tough race – mentally speaking. 2K in and I wanted to quit. I don’t know why. It just seemed so difficult to go on. I think I was scared. Scared I wouldn’t beat my time from last year and thus feel like a failure. I didn’t even publicize or promote this race on facebook as I had in the past. I was worried I has set myself up for failure. How silly is that? Even if I didn’t beat my time – I still RAN 10 KILOMETERS!!! I kept myself going, I never slowed to a walk, I kept going. I figured, so what if it takes me longer. I will not give up. I will not quit.  Quitting is not an option because once you do it the first time, the second time becomes much easier.

I found this image on another blog and it really hit home to me. It’s takes a while to realize this, but it is oh so true:

“It’s very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.” – George Sheehan

Also – did you see my bib number in the post below – 1492. Um, anyone else have  “In 1492, Columbus sailed the  ocean blue…” tune going through their heads?? If not, you’re welcome for it now! :p