Exercise Log: January 2012!

I’m back on track with my exercise logs! Yay! I didn’t quite hit my goal of 1200 minutes for January – I was 130 minutes shy because the last weekend I completely didn’t do any activity…oops!

I entered a new challenge on WW forums for February  – Fast Forward in February – and my goals are to lose 4lbs and get in 1000 minutes for the month.  4lbs only because I think right now if I was to lose 1lb a week I’d be very happy. Hopefully I can keep it steady and avoid a bit gain this month. 1000 minutes because I have to go out of province for work for 4 days so I think that will set me back a bit and plus there’s only 29 days this month! 😉

So, here is my exercise log for January 2012. I’ve already started the one for February. The key, for me, is to log it in when I get home, no waiting around and doing it at the end of the week! As usual – click to see a bigger picture!



145KM in 8 weeks!

Yippee! Eight weeks ago I made a running goal on my Nike+ ipod app. My goal was to run145KM in 8 weeks. Today I officially hit that goal!

That’s only a little bit more than 18km a week – should have been fairly easy to accomplish with my 3 runs/week. But then the holidays happened and I got side-tracked and wasn’t running as often. Well this past week I’ve been on vacation and I caught up on my running so I made my goal!

I am also only 300m away from getting from the orange level to the green level – which means I’ll have run over 250KM since about October! I wish I’d made a point of knowing how far I was away from the green level…I totally could have run another 300 metres this evening!

But that’s okay – I feel great for having reached my goal 😀

I also reached an informal goal – I ran the most this week EVER! I ran 30KM in just one week and I ran 5 times this week! WOW! I’m going to take two days break right now due to work, which is probably best to help me recoup.

And some great news…I am back on track and I started keeping my January exercise log once again! I completely let this lapse from about mid-October, but I’m back and it feels good to be tracking my workouts so I can see my progress. This means I’ll be posting it once again at the end of the month. It’s been a great month so far for activity.

Hope you’re all doing well in your exercise and activity as well! Have you tried something new this month or set yourself a new goal?

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Weigh-in Week 76: Catch up time

This is the post where I finally catch up on the things I’ve been letting slide – like my measurements and September’s activity log. This is also the post where I tell you I gained 0.1lbs at weigh-in today. Now, I must say I’m not discouraged by it as I would normally be. For a  variety of reasons: 1. My big Thanksgiving dinner was last night – so that’s not the best timing and 2. okay really? 0.1lb is nothing…seriously that’s 45 grams. I’m thinking this one more of a stay-the-same kinda week and that’s okay by me for a holiday weekend.

Here’s where we start seeing a difference though. I measured myself yesterday (Monday) morning and I’m seeing some progress! Woohoo. It’s all still minor, but it’s moving in the right direction (click to see a larger version):

In total I’ve lost 37.5 inches since I started keeping track last September! Clothes are fitting better and sitting better. I’m still working on my gut, I’ve got the rolls and I’m not convinced they are going away, but I am trying to minimize. I’m also hoping my calves will keep going down. Even to get down to a 15″ calf would be amazing as I *might* have a chance with some knee-high boots…a girl can dream.

I’m now sitting almost comfortably at a size 10 in most stores. Sometimes a size 11. And I’m at a medium or small in stores like Old Navy, Gap, and Reitman’s, but I’m still a large or extra large in Simon’s (the Quebec deparment store I love). I tried on a dress a month ago at Jacob and I was a medium! I couldn’t believe it. I’m feeling fairly comfortable that now I can shop at most *regular* sized stores and usually find something. I’ll be honest – I’m kinda amazed at how much cheaper the clothes are (in price not quality).

I’ve  mentioned before but my September activity challenged ended in a bust because of my injury post-race. But I’m happy to report that with some taking it easy and targeted stretching I’m feeling much better! I’ve now run four times since and no return of the tightness or pain. I even did an hour long run on Sunday and still felt great afterwards 🙂

Speaking of September Challenges here are our final stats for September for Bubblymel and I!

Bubblymel: -2.3/2 kg &  516.5/960 minutes of activity

Me: -1/5lbs & 1085/1200 minutes of activity

Here is the detailed breakdown of my September Activity(Click for a bigger picture):

I’m thinking it’s showing me too much reliance on just running. I need to get back to the gym more often to keep working different muscles!

I’ve entered a new challenge for October called ROCKTOBER! My goals are 4lbs and 1200 minutes once again. Let me know if you want to join me and I’ll be better at posting updates (except of course we are about halfway through the month…ah, that’s okay, there’s always time!)

So I’ve been trying to upload a picture of the pumpkin pie I made this year, but it seems my phone and my computer are having none of it. So it’ll just be a post by itself later this week. Pie. Indeed. 😀

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August Activity Log & September Measurements

Yay, I’m back on track after a summer of neglecting my activity and measurement tracking (which probably explains why I’ve only lost 3.2.lbs since June!).

First off, here are my measurements I took this morning. Lo and behold I have not changed AT ALL except for a 1/4″ off my calves. Hey I’ll take it! One day I hope to be able to wear knee-high boots…a girl can dream can’t she?   The good news is that my ankles seem to have shrunk. I know this because I tried on a pair of winter boots I own from about 3-4 years ago, which was the last time I could wear them because they zip up over the ankle, and they FIT! This means I have an extra pair of winter boots. Can’t go wrong with that.

Here are my measurements (click on it to see a bigger image):

The end of August also means the end of the August challenge on the WW forum boards, Awesome in August.  This month I did 1325 minutes of activity and managed to surpass my goal of 1200 minutes. However, I fell short of my weight-loss goal of 7lbs by only losing 0.6lbs. Eeesh. At least it was a negative? Right? For a while I was worried it wouldn’t be. My final stats can be found on my Challenges page. I find them super useful to keep me on track. I’ve entered a new challenge for September called Slender September Superstars and my goals are to lose 5lbs and to get in 1200mins again.

I also have a full Activity Log to post for August once again! Here it is (click to see a bigger image) :

So here’s a thought? Would you like to join a September Challenge with me? If so, post your weight-loss and activity minute goals (e.g. 5lbs & 1000 minutes) below and I’ll  check-in once a week on Fridays with our stats.

 If there’s interest I’ll do this every month!

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May Activity Log

Okay! Here is my May activity log!! I won’t be posting measurements as I forgot to bring my tape measure. I’ll post them when I get back. Click on this to see a larger image. I sadly didn’t hit my activity goal for the month. I only got in 1160 minutes not 1200. The month got away from me and I didn’t do the work I should have on the weekends.

We’ve also started a new challenge on the WW forums. This one is called Just do it in June. My goals are more modest then before. My goals are to lose 4lbs and do 1000 minutes of activity.  I’m actually a bit worried about the activity to tell the truth. I’m away on business until the middle of the month and then go away again at the end of month where I am working 12 hour days. It leaves me tired and spent and I’m definitely not doing any activity. I’ll just have to power through.

I’m happy to say I got in a run this afternoon for the first time since Tuesday. Wow, it was hard! New city, new route, working 12-14 hour days and I haven’t run in 4 days. It was tough. I hope I can get in some more runs this week but it entirely depends on work.

I’m a bit worried I will not be able to weigh-in on Tuesday. We’ll see, but it’s looking like my schedule won’t allow it. Fingers crossed!

This post is short and sweet – I’ll be back Tuesday and report if I’m able to get in a weigh-in. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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April Activity Log

Okay, so here it is. I’m a bit late on getting it up online but you know why? Because I hadn’t been updating it regularly and spent yesterday adding in all my activity since April 5. Yup. Almost the entire month. I dare say – I think this has been contributing to my uneven losses.

Now I don’t think there’s one thing that’s contributing, if there was I could fix it and tada! But alas, I think it’s my general mindset. I’m just not as consistent as I used to be. I let excuses come in and take over. I don’t always watch my portions as I should and my exercise and activity is a bit all over the place. I’m going to work on this this month, but fear that my schedule over the summer will make it all the more difficult. But that’s OKAY – why? because that’s life. One isn’t always going to have a perfect schedule that lets you get everything accomplished in a timely fashion. So I better get used to it and find a way to work with it.

The good news this weekend is that I bought a new pair of insoles for my running shoes. I thought I needed better shock absorption but as it turns out the woman at the store said I probably needed more support because it was my knees that were bugging me after running outside. She said that uneven-ness of the terrain and my movement was more exaggerated outside which is why I felt it when running outside but not on the treadmill.

I ended up getting a pair of Sole insoles. They’re great because you heat them up in the oven and then put them on so they mold to the shape of your foot. This is key for me as I have low arches (always had since I was kid – apparently I did exercises with my mom and doctor to make sure they didn’t fall – I have no recollection of this) so most insoles actually hurt if they have a pre-determined arch in them.

So far so good with the insoles. I ran outside yesterday and it felt weird at first, but I can definitely say that I’m not feeling the stiffness I was feeling before. This is a good thing 🙂

Here’s my chart, click on it to see a larger image and have a lovely Mother’s Day all!

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Accountable in April & a 5K!

April is among us (but really I couldn’t tell by the weather!) and this means a new exercise challenge for me and the end of March’s. All in all I put in a pretty poor showing at the March challenge  – March Meltdown – with only 7/8 lbs lost and 1150/1200 activity minutes. I’m more upset by not reaching my activity goal than anything else. Mostly because I think it was due to shear and simple laziness on my part. I won’t let April go down the same route.

April’s challenge on the WW forum boards is called Accountable in April. I’ve decided to lower my weight loss goal for the month to 6lbs (rather than 8lbs) but keep my activity the same at 1200 minutes. I think 6 is a more realistic goal for me nowadays. I just can’t assume I’ll lose at least 2lbs a week anymore. I have less to lose compared to a few months ago so I can’t expect to be losing at the same rate and also I get upset at myself when my loss is less than 2 and that’s just ridiculous – I should be celebrating all losses!

So that said, here’s a graph of my March activity. It wasn’t too bad, but I notice that I wasn’t gettin nearly enough in beyond my gym days. That’s something I’d like to work on for April – to get back into the habit of working out more often.

But the super exciting news from the weekend is that I RAN 5K!  That’s right. I have officially finished session 1 of week 9 of the Couch to 5K program 😀

I can’t believe I did it. All the way to the gym yesterday afternoon I kept thinking it wasn’t going to happen – that I wouldn’t be able to finish. But I did! I pushed through and you know what? In the end, it wasn’t that difficult. I had my breathing under control and I focused on pulling power from my quads and hamstrings rather than thinking about my calves or my feet.  Whenever I think about my calves or feet they end up  getting sore and the voice in my head telling me how much easier it would just to stop gets louder.

It took me about 38 minutes to run on a treadmill. Here’s a photo of the machine!

In total it took me 50 minutes (5 minute warm-up and 7 minute cool down) for a total of 6.1K (0.4K during the warm up and 0.7K during the cool down). Oh, don’t worry about the heart-rate – I don’t use it when I run so all the buttons stay lit up.

I am thrilled with myself. I now have 14 days/2 weeks to prepare myself for my race on Sunday April 17. The plan is to finish off the Couch to 5K program by running 2 more times and also to try running outside so I can get a feel for how different it is. This is best motivation ever!