Exercise Log: January 2012!

I’m back on track with my exercise logs! Yay! I didn’t quite hit my goal of 1200 minutes for January – I was 130 minutes shy because the last weekend I completely didn’t do any activity…oops!

I entered a new challenge on WW forums for February  – Fast Forward in February – and my goals are to lose 4lbs and get in 1000 minutes for the month.  4lbs only because I think right now if I was to lose 1lb a week I’d be very happy. Hopefully I can keep it steady and avoid a bit gain this month. 1000 minutes because I have to go out of province for work for 4 days so I think that will set me back a bit and plus there’s only 29 days this month! 😉

So, here is my exercise log for January 2012. I’ve already started the one for February. The key, for me, is to log it in when I get home, no waiting around and doing it at the end of the week! As usual – click to see a bigger picture!


Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 88: Back on Track! Yeah!

Yippee! My hard work paid off and I was down 1.7lbs today at weigh-in. New weight is 162.7lbs for a total loss of 88.9lbs so far. So close to my 90lbs again 🙂

I was a little worried about weigh-in this week. I was on track all week long and even got in tons of activity (I ran 4 times!) but I did indulge on New Year’s. Mostly in drinks, but I did track each and everyone so I am pleased with my results.  I feel back on track and ready to reach my goal weight in 2012.

I’ve signed up for another monthly challenge on the WW forum boards for January. My goal is to lose 5lbs this month and get in 1200 activity minutes. I didn’t make my monthly goal in December. Definitely not in weight loss as I was up 0.6lbs for the month and missed my activity goal by 90 for a total of 1110/1200minutes. I’m hoping this month will go much better as fewer social engagements and I’m in a better headspace. You can always check out the details of my monthly challenges here.

I thought this would be a time to show my progress graph from 2011. Sometimes when I feel I didn’t do so great this year I have to remind myself of where I started and where I am now. I’ve lost 36.8lbs this year. That’s great! It took me time, there were periods of maintaining, periods of gains, and periods of losses. But you know what? I lived my life, I worked, I played, I exercised and I lost weight. That’s not too shabby!

Here it is:

Despite some blips it does seem to look like a pretty smoothly line downwards. If you’d like to see my 2010 graph you can see it here.

How are you all doing? Back on track after the celebrations?




September Challenge Update

So far so good. My goals for September are to lose 5lbs and do 1200 minutes of activity.  Bubblymel joined me and her goals are to lose 2kg and do 960 minutes. So where are we? Here we are:

Bubblymel: -400g/2kg &  217/ 960 minutes

Me: -2/5lbs & 945/1200 minutes

Yay us for both showing losses so far and getting our activity in! I know I can meet my activity goals this month…it’s the weight loss I’m not sure of. Just hoping for another loss next week.

I’ve also been playing our with my new toy: A Nike+ iPod Sport’s Kit! For my birthday I got the kit and have been playing with it the last couple of runs.

I don’t have Nike shoes, I LOVE my New Balance shoes and don’t want to upgrade but luckily I also got a little plastic carrier which attaches to my laces 🙂  I hooked it to three sets of laces so that it wouldn’t move at all while I ran. Here’s what it looks like:

I’m loving how it keeps track of my information and shows me how much I’ve run as well my pace. Yesterday I had the best run I’ve ever had – a 30min 5K! Here’s the graph:

I’ll post my graph post-10K race! I got the email today with my bib number…ahh it approaches!! 🙂