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Weigh-in Week 173: Mrrph

Well, this is a delayed post isn’t it! This past Tuesday I was up 0.1lbs at weigh-in. Not feeling so great about this. New weight is 159.6lbs and a total loss of 92lbs. Yeah. That’s where I’m at.

Things that have happened this week, the good, the bad, the ugly:

1. I ran 3x this week

2. I ran a long run today – 7.2km! On my way to getting back to running a 10K. This is good since my race is coming up on September 29th!

3. Unfortunately my pace was slow…6:12 per km (that’s about a 10 minute/mile). Blargh. Slow is me. The weight gain doesn’t help. Even a couple pounds slows one down.

4. I went to a garlic festival! Mmmm…garlic.

5. I ate 2 garlic buns for lunch that day. Promptly when I got home. D’oh!

6. I dropped my keychain after the festival and lost my 100lbs lost WW charm. The irony is not lost on me. Sigh. I WILL get it back. I WILL earn it again.

7. I bought a $200 dress on a whim.

8. I got tons of compliments on said dress ­čśë

9. I brought the rest of the garlic buns to a pot-luck party so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat them all. It worked. But I ate a bunch of delicious fig dip at said party while wearing the dress from #6.

9. I found a book on the sidewalk (this is a common thing in Montreal where people put out boxes of free books during the day and anyone is welcome to sift through and take what they want).

10. This book happens to be the cookbook Crazy Plates (from the LooneySpoons authors!) I actually don’t have either of these, my mom has one, so I’m curious to try some recipes. For those who don’t know – they are a series of low fat cookbooks by Canadian authors.


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Weigh-In Week 169: A loss again!

Oh yippee folks! I was down 1.6lbs at weigh-in! New weight is 155.7 for a total loss of 95.9lbs. Oh yeah! I also realize that this is the lowest weight I’ve been since May! Oh my. So apparently June and most of July was just a write-off. I’m hoping I can keep this going. I’m feeling positive about things again and I’ve been on track both with my eating and my activity.

1. Activity: I’ve been exercising regularly! This past weekend I had 3 days off and I ran every day! Yes, I do know that rest days are super important, but I only ran 5K each time and it felt great. I’m back to having rest days between runs ­čÖé

2. Food: I’ve been managing my eating at night a bit better than before! And when in doubt I make sure I have some blueberries or strawberries at home so if I feel like picking at something after dinner I can make a healthier choice. I’ve also been practicing actively talking to myself when I reach for something or I want to eat something point-heavy – I ask myself, do I really want that and will it quell my hunger? Am I just thirsty? It’s been working so far.

So I mentioned I had a 3 day weekend weekend right? Well I’m out walking about on Monday and what should I come across but a vintage store having a closing sale. I go in and see this cute dress on a mannequin…so I try it on..and it fits…and it’s on sale from $165 for $50…and so I buy it! Oh! That’s right people – I bought the dress. This dress:


I have a fancy work event coming up in mid-August and I’m hoping to wear the dress – provided I don’t gain any more weight as it just fits right now. ┬áNot the best reasons for staying on plan, but hey, if it works for now as motivation then so be it ­čÖé ┬áAlso – can I point something out…I walked into a vintage store and bought a dress that had been on a mannequin!! What?! Never would I have been able to do that 3 years ago. My how things change…

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Weigh-in Week 144: Keeping up good choices

Hello! Today at weigh-in I was down 1.7lbs for a new weight of 148.0lbs and a total loss of 103.6lbs. Woohoo! So far so good with the new food challenges!

This past week was also SUPER cold in Montreal. We were well into the -30s Celcius ( -20s/-30s┬áFahrenheit) so going outside for prolonged periods of time was just not going to happen so no outside running for me. I’m also not doing well on the getting up early to go to gym before work. I’m working on it! I swear! I just can’t seem to do it. Although the last 2 times I’ve been able to get to the gym before it closed so I went for a run one day and a weight training session the next. I don’t think this will keep up so I really do want to teach myself to wake up earlier.

This week I didn’t think I made the best choices – mostly because Saturday night I ended up at three different parties and at the last one, by 3am I ended giving in to cookies, crackers, chips, and delicious, delicious cheese! ┬áThis is Boursin Cheese. It is amazing and if you see it in a store I highly recommend you try it out. Although maybe not if once you start on the cheese you can’t stop:



However, I made good decisions most of the days and meals and so it seems to have worked. Just goes to show you that one meal/one night doesn’t have to ruin your week if you don’t let it turn into a downward spiral of eating.

I also have a couple NSVs (non-scale victories) to share with you all! The first is this:


You’re probably wondering, why am I looking at a picture of a dirty winter boot (with a┬áseemingly┬ágigantic calf – oops, I guess not a good angle). Well the NSV is the gap between the boot and my leg! When I bought these boots, oh years ago now, I could barely do the zipper up at all. In fact, if I’m totally honest, I couldn’t do the zipper up. And actually even as recent as last winter the zippers would not go up all the way and stay up. The boots are still wearable and so this year I decided to invest in getting the zipper changed on both boots and voila they fit now! In fact, they even fit with a pair of skinny jeans on underneath!

The second NSV is this:


I bought my first dress from Mod Cloth! It’s a medium and it fits! Okay. It’s a bit tight in that it rides up a little, I’m thinking that in another 5-10lbs it will fit fabulously! I can’t return it as it was on sale but also I think a large would have been way too big. I’m happy with it and I’m confident that it will fit better within a month.

This week I’m going to keep making good choices. So far I’ve had no troubles resisting the morning pastries and also the big bosses are big on healthy snacks so no chocolate covered almonds or candy for us. I’ll try to see if I can take a picture of the foodables to show you what I’m up against. Have a great week all!

I’ll try to post this weekend about my goal weight as now that I’m in the 140s I can’t keep putting it off…WW has been asking me about it. But I’m scared to commit to a number. More musings coming soon as I get used to this schedule of mine.


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REASON FOR LOSING WEIGHT 3: To wear pretty clothes

Okay. So as shallow as this may sound, it’s the truth. When I was overweight I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted too. Usually because it was a style that just didn’t look good on a round body. Most clothes just are not designed for over-weight bodies. They don’t sit right or they ride up either at the front or the back.

Most of the time I had to wear what fit rather than what I wanted. So I lived in jeans, hoodies, and non-button up shirts. I’ll be honest, I kinda looked the same each time. In the summer, no shorts – no sireee, I wore cargo capris or jeans. Yes, I suffered through horrible summers constantly over-heating. I never wore a tank-top or anything without sleeves because I hated this weird fat line on my upper arm (which is still there I might add…but smaller, I’m working on it). My clothes said nothing about my personality, they were simply the┬ácovering┬áI could find.┬áAnd because I sweated so much I opted for black or white tops to hid the wet stains. I don’t think I did a very good job hiding it. Dress and skirts? Never. Now there are some very nice plus size clothing out there, but they’re expensive and I couldn’t afford them. And they look like old people clothing. I grew up over weight at a time where there was no Old Navy in Canada or online shopping. ┬áSo when I found hoodies – hahaha! something to cover the rolls! – I was hooked.

I used to always say I hated shopping – but the truth was that I hated shopping with other people. I couldn’t shop in the same stores my friends did because they just didn’t have the sizes. And I wasn’t going to bring them with me to the plus-sized stores. Which I have to say as a youth, or even in my 20s was terribly┬áembarrassing┬áto go to. It was like if anyone saw me enter those stores I would be admitting I was fat. WHAT!? Why are we always honest with ourselves last? I wanted my humiliation when clothes didn’t fit or I had to go up a size again or they didn’t have my size to be mine and mine alone.

And now I’ll fill you in no a not-so-secret secret. I like shopping. Turns out, I love dresses. Especially the sweater dresses that are in style. You don’t need to know how many I own…seriously you don’t. I can now buy most clothes in a store (still depending on the store) and I have CHOICE. Glorious choice. ┬áAnd an extra perk I found out only after losing weight: uhmmm…non-plus size clothing is A LOT cheaper! I won’t go into why I think that is or what the reasoning is for that right now…but clearly from this post I should do some more about clothing. I can’t deny how much the shape of my body has changed and how that has completely changed my relationship with clothing and how I choose to present myself to the world.

Now, I still can’t wear everything I want, but I did find out what cuts and styles actually look good me, which I didn’t before. A-line skirts just don’t work no matter how cute I find them, I’m short and I have thick legs, it ain’t gonna happen. However, pencil skirts and dresses? I totally rock those! And I love them!


My Weekend.

Feeling pretty good this weekend in my outfit. Disregard the SUPER dirty mirror – it’s not mine, I swear! (and this one was the cleaner of the 2 I had to choose from). ┬áTotally found high boots wide enough from my crazy calves at Payless.

Indian food. ’nuff said.

Tried a new recipe. Rice & Bean Casserole right here. But I added shrimp and subbed leeks for green onions and portabello mushrooms for the canned mushrooms. Delicious and filling! Mine ended up being 5 points per cup without the cheese.

I got flowers for opening night (they go with that outfit above). Joy.

Back to running after a week-long break due to above mentioned opening night. Feels great and super happy with my pace.

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Weigh-In Week 106: Work in Progress

Well I was up at weigh-in. Up 2.9lbs to be exact. New weight is 164.2lbs with a total loss of 87.4lbs.

Can’t say I’m surprised – not because I over ate, but rather because my loss last week of 4.1lbs was insanely huge! I wouldn’t be surprised that my body is getting back to an equilibrium. It’s also a bad time of the month for weighing-in! I’ve been very bloated for the last couple of days. I’ve definitely noticed that since the weight loss, and more specifically since I’ve been under 175 (which has been forever now!) I notice monthly fluctuations a LOT more and am much more sensitive to bloating. Now, I count myself amongst the lucky ones – I do not get horrible cramps that stop me from being able to enjoy life or massive mood-swings, so I guess a bit of bloating once a month isn’t too bad.

I’m hoping that next week will show a loss. I’m focused on eating healthfully, in good portions, exercising, and drinking my water.

So I mentioned that I would get myself something cotton for my 2 year anniversary – well I did. Ah, maybe they’re not fully cotton, but that’s okay. Here’s a couple cute dresses I picked up on sale the other day:

Hope everyone has a good week! Feel free to share your rewards as well ­čÖé

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Happy New Year – Bringing in 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far. I spent a lovely New Year’s Eve catching the fireworks display.

If you caught my post last year you’ll know that I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions – mostly because I believe that true change can happen at any time and it can only happen when one wants it to happen. You’ll never quit smoking, lose weight save money, etc.┬áuntil you are ready to commit to it and do everything you have to do, no matter how unpleasant. I understand that many people like the reset that a new year provides, but it also comes with a built-in excuse for failure – “everyone gives up their resolutions!”

And, so I would rather make goals for the year rather than resolutions. My goals this year are: 1. To run the half-marathon in September and 2. to reach my goal weight.

To help me reach my goals I have started researching different training programs for the half and have been recommitted all week-long to my weight loss.

And here’s somethig I did yesterday to help me with my weight loss goal: I threw out my underwear. What?! Let me explain.┬á I, at 164lbs still had and was wearing(!) three pairs of underwear from when I was over 250lbs.┬á Yup, I had three pairs that I still wore…they were much too big and uncomfortable but I still wore them. There was something reassuring about them. But just like with new year’s resolutions I feel they had a built-in excuse for failure. If I regained I would still have them, waiting for me, welcoming me back. But no more. They’re in the garbage. With that in mind┬áI am going to go through my closet and once again put aside all my clothes that are too big so there is no excuse. Only proper fitting clothes from this point on! No “fall-back” clothing for me this year.

Off we go to 2012!

Do you have any goals for the new year? How are you preparing for them?