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Weigh-in Week 53: In the 170s!

Yay!! Finally…two months later I left the 180s and I’m in the 170s ūüėĬ† Weighed in today and was down 1.6lbs for a new total weight of 179.6lbs. Just barely there, but I’m there. I hope I can keep this going! My total loss so far is 72lbs!!

I meant to post some blogs during the week but time just got away from me. I had to prepare to go out of town on business today. Here is how committed I am to weighing in – I actually searched out a WW centre in the city I went to¬†and weighed-in in the morning! It was important to me and I made sure to make myself a priority ūüôā

Well May is here and so is the rain – blah. I’ve gone back to running inside on the treadmill. My knees are thanking me for it! They don’t feel as stiff anymore. I think I have to go search out some nice gel shock-absorbing insoles if I want to continue running outside, the stiffness is not good in the long run – even with all the stretching.

This means the April challenge is over on the WW forum boards. My final stats were : lost 3 out of 8 lbs lost and 1330 activity minutes (goal was 1200!).¬† Not great, but not horrible as I did get moving. I’m noticing that now it’s taking me 2 months to lose 10lbs rather then the almost 10lbs per month I was doing in 2010. I think I may have to finally admit that it’s just not going to go as fast with less to lose.¬† I can’t believe I’m at this point. Wow. Certainly didn’t think this is where I’d be one year later.

We have a new challenge for May with the name May the Force be With You. I’m ehh on the name, but it doesn’t matter. My goals for this month are to lose 8lbs (I have 5 weigh-ins) and 1200 minutes of activity again.¬† I am confident I can hit my mini-goal/75lbs lost milestone this month. That’s my plan! I don’t have any specific May goals beyond this, oh, except to get new awesome insoles to run outside again ūüôā

What are everyone’s plans for May? Anyone planning to get outside more with the nicer weather slowly surfacing?

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Food Log: Day 2

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1  cup(s) fat-free skim milk
Oatmeal Breakfast
Subtotal 6
1  large banana(s)
1  cup(s) cooked whole wheat pasta
1/2 cup(s) canned tomato sauce with mushrooms
1/2 serving(s) Chicken Meatballs – Blue Menu
1  cup(s) grapes
Chocolate Crisps – Quick-added food
Subtotal 9
1/2 breast(s) cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast
1  medium cooked sweet potato
3  oz uncooked potato(es)
1  Tbsp olive oil
3  small clementine
Subtotal 12
No entries for this meal time.  
Subtotal 0
Food PointsPlus values total used 27
Food PointsPlus values remaining 2
60 min walking, leisure
Activity PointsPlus values earned 4

Water: 10 cups + 2 cups herbal tea w/splenda

So here’s an unexpected perk from posting my food log each day: I¬†put this post together the night before (it is currently 11:52 on Wednesday night) and set it to post in the morning. ¬†However, once I’ve copied and pasted my log it stops me from¬†late-night nibbling! I’ve been doing a bit of work at the computer each night¬†and¬†for the last couple weeks have¬†been late-night snacking. Well! ¬†Let me tell you – the last thing I want to do now is to re-write/copy & paste the post so it keeps me from getting up and nibbling. I love perks!¬†Oh, and I’m totally saving my¬†weekly points for Oscar Night! ūüôā

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Weigh-in Week 36: Stayed the Same

Weighed in this week and I stayed the same. Not even a 0.2lb up or down. I am still at 201.2lbs with a total of 50.4lbs lost. To be honest, I’m a touch disappointed (mainly because I got in 37 activity points) but to be COMPLETELY honest I’m not surprised.

Here are things I have learned this week (and thus things that contributed to my staying at the same weight with no loss):

1. I love champagne. I will drink glasses and glasses of it and only track about half of what I consumed.

2. Although I can control myself at a sit down dinner (e.g. xmas) I still have trouble with appetizers. I cannot accurately judge how much I’ve eaten and tend to overeat. One¬†will lead to a second and a third etc.¬†This was evident at New Year’s Eve. I went to a small gathering with some friends and this is exactly what happened. I tried to track all I ate, but I’m sure I underestimated.

3. I still cannot buy coconut pastries and eat them moderately.¬† I went to Chinatown this week and bought some coconut bread. Now this should have been prefaced with the fact that I LOVE coconut. I love it! I would do almost anything for coconut! I ate about half of the loaf on the first day, and I’m happy to report I didn’t eat the rest until 2 days later. Half a year ago I would have inhaled the whole thing the minute I walked in the door, so at least that’s something.¬† But still, I ate the whole loaf! I wish I hadn’t bought it to be honest, but something convinced me that I’d be okay and I could do it. Clearly I wasn’t. I tried to track as well, but I’m positive I underestimated the points!

As long as I learn from this week then I’m making progress. I still have trouble with portion control. So this week I have already portioned out my lunches and dinners (as I’ll be out all week and on the go) and I’ll be getting back on track with portion sizes.

Oh – I took my measurements this week, but I’ve decided to create a spreadsheet to keep track of them so I will post later this week!

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Weigh-in Week 32: Back on Track

I weighed in on Tuesday and was down 2.4lbs! I am back on track from my small gain last week. That makes a total of 42.2lbs lost since May ūüôā

I was¬† bit worried about this week as I’ve been sick and haven’t gotten as much activity in as I usually do – but I also I didn’t eat as much this week either. Still within my points but most of it was in soup form due to my sore throat from all the coughing. My sicklyness is also responsible for my slow update – been a tough couple of days.

The big news is that this is the week that also marks the start of the new PointsPlus Program at Weight Watchers. There’s been a lot of talk, gossip, and complaints about the new program on WW forums, but so far I’m feeling okay with it. The main theme of the new program is a bigger¬†focus on vegetables, fruit, and lean protein and less so on carbohydrates (simple carbs and refined/processed sources like white flour, sugar etc.)

Given my own decision to move away from processed food, I wholeheartedly support this move. I also have been working on limiting my intake of white flour products. This isn’t because I think they are evil or anything like that – in fact I LOVE white bread. Give me a fresh baguette and it’ll be gone within the hour! THAT’s my problem. Once I start with the white bread, I can’t stop. Literally. And so I approach it the only way I can right now – my limiting my intake and only buying small portions so I don’t overeat.

On the new program fruits and vegetables are now “free” which means you don’t have to account for the calories consumed. I’ve heard a lot of talk of people excited that they can now eat bananas again (which used to be 2 points), but I don’t understand that – I love bananas and I eat one each day and always account for it in my daily points.¬† Also, bread and white flour products are now worth a lot more points as are some sources of lean protein (including legumes).

The goal is to get you to chose healthy options – like a fruit or veggie, instead of 100-calorie packs or low-point, but nutritionally void foods. I really support this idea. I wonder how it will all work out with our daily and weekly points targets being much higher then before (mine when up 4 points and our weekly points went up by 14!) given that we are now no longer counting fruit as points. I’m not totally sold the on math right now, but we’ll see how this week goes. Yesterday I ate under by 2¬†but today I dipped into my weekly points by¬†15 because I had dinner out with a friend and ate some lovely pie for dessert.¬†

We’ll see how things go this week. I just hope I can get more activity in – I’m still sick which has been leaving me fatigued and exhausted so very little working out as well we just got over 25 cm of snow in the last 24 hours which means walking has been next to impossible for the last couple of days! I’ll try to get some photos up for tomorrow – but the snow clearing has already started! Don’t quote me on this, but I’ve heard Montreal has the highest budget in North America for snow removal – well into the millions of dollars. But then again we do have some serious equipment – no pick-up trucks for us! Heavy-duty machinery here that removes the snow and ships it away from the city. Just to give you an idea here’s a photo from the montreal.ctv.ca news website:

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Review: The End of Overeating by Dr. David Kessler

I finished the book over the weekend an it’s given me pause.¬† As I mentioned before it’s an easy read. I read most of it Saturday morning in bed and Sunday night. It’s also a lot of interesting information in the book.¬† Some if it is common sense – like eating a diet high in fat, salt, and sugar is linked the obesity epidemic seen in North America and that eating food high in these 3 makes you crave more high fat, high salt, high sugar food.¬†

At first I was worried it was focused primarily on blaming the food industry. I have serious issues with the general lack of personal responsibility today’s society promotes.¬† However, he does a good job at delving into the both the psychology and the science behind overeating, and that it’s not just a matter of willpower.

The main crux of  the book is that years of eating food that is high in fat, salt, and sugar has rewired the way our brain operates in relation to food and created what he calls conditioned hypereating and to overcome this we have to in effect re-condition ourselves. 

This is something that I’d always thought. Just like Pavlov’s dogs, we can teach ourselves to change our automated reactions to various stimuli. However, this isn’t easy, nor does it happen overnight. Kessler draws many similarities between conditioned hypereating and substance abuse.¬† His treatment suggestions¬†share many similiarities as well – ¬†just like a¬†recovering addict the key is to become aware and make conscious changes to our responses to reverse our habits; and reversing habits is more complicated than just a matter of willpower.

The book provides some valuable tools to overcoming overeating. It has reinforced my current views and shaped new ones on weight loss and how important it is to include exercise Рnot only because you build muscles and shed fat, but because of its effects on chemicals in the brain.  I highly recommend it for anyone looking to truly change their relationship with food. Without a real change in our relationship and approach to food, sustained weight loss cannot happen.