Weight Loss


Well, just barely, but last week I hit onederland again with a weigh-in of 199.7lbs. This past week I was down 0.3lbs. Not a lot, but enough to tip the scales (as it were) in my direction.

The week before I was down 0.5lbs for a weigh-in of 200.0lbs. That marks 3 weeks in a row of losses. Little, baby losses, but losses nonetheless. I haven’t had 3 losses in a row since about June 2017, and before that it has been rare. I’m hoping I haven’t messed it up this week and that I can do 4 in a row. I’ll even take the small losses.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the small losses bother me. In reality, I just wish I was back in the 160s. My big mistake was to keep pushing to try to get under 150lbs and to get my bmi under 25. To be honest, I just don’t think it’s a possible weight for me to sustain. I didn’t know how good it was when I was there, and now I’m just hoping to lose 35-40lbs to get back there!

If slow and steady is the name of the game, I’m willing to accept it…I think it’ll be easier to accept in about 10lbs when more of my clothes fit again!

Weight Loss

Weigh-in’s Week 194 & 195: I haven’t disappeared!

Nope! I’m still here, but I got sidelined by a new job and wicked cold that has actually kept me from the gym and doing pretty much anything other than working and then coming home and sleeping. But I have been weighing-in! I’ve decided to switch my weigh-ins to Wednesday mornings. With this new contract starting I can’t make my Tuesday lunch-time meeting anymore and my leader has a 7:45am meeting on Wednesdays. I can’t stay as I have to work at 8am, but at least I can come and weigh-in and check in with my  leader which is a great motivator.

So my summary  – week 194 wasn’t so great. I was up 2.3 lbs to a new weight of 163.8. However, the following week (195) was much better and I was down 3.2lbs so I’m down to 160.6lbs and a total loss of 91lbs. I definitely feel much better at 160. Weight Watchers had a special promotion this month – I suppose to encourage new members to keep at it over the month of January. If you weighed-in 4 times over January you received a new WW charm ring. Not a key ring as it’s open at the top but a ring on which to keep your charms. I was so happy to get mine! I love all that kind of stuff – I think I’ve said it before that it’s silly, but I do love it.

Here it is!


So usually when I work I find it hard to lose weight as we have SO much food around – we have fully stocked kitchen with all sorts of snacks and we order out everyday or have catering. Since we work 12-hour days it gets difficult to make lunch in advance and although we have time for lunch, we don’t have a dinner break so reaching for the not-so-healthy snack gets easier. However for this contract the company is not paying for our lunches so that is motivation to make my own! I’m not being very adventurous right now, but it fills me up and keeps me going. My lunches have been pretty much just steamed vegetables – probably about a 1 1/2 cups and some protein. I made some cod at the beginning of last week and then grilled chicken breast on Thursday and Friday. I also cut up some tomatoes/cucumber/peppers with a tablespoon of hummus. It’s tasty and keeps me full which is important. I will take the time on Sunday to make 5 lunches for the coming week – I think I can keep this going and that’s very motivating!

Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 187: Getting back into it

Ok. So from the title you probably won’t be expecting this but I was up 0.3lbs today. So new weight is 163.3lbs and a total loss of 88.3lbs. So why am I excited by this gain? Well let’s enter the world of a bit too much information shall we? It’s a time of the month where, being female, bloating and cravings are at their highest. So the fact that it’s only a 0.3lb gain is amazing.

To put this into perspective let’s see:

  • 4 weeks ago: up 4.2lbs
  • 8 weeks ago: up 3.4lbs
  • 12 weeks ago: up 3.5lbs

Are we understanding now? Compared to past weigh-ins this 0.3 gain is a welcome relief. Funnily enough it makes me feel confident about upcoming weigh-ins. So much of this is about what’s going on in your head that when you feel confident and in control it’s easier to stay that way. Here’s hoping this is the turning tide.

My leader asked at today’s meeting, and I’m paraphrasing here! “Don’t you feel that when your head is in the game you can meet any challenge that’s thrown your way (e.g. parties, unexpected sweets etc.)?” Yes. Yes I do. I know that when my head is in the game I eat and track truthfully. That resisting that dessert isn’t a big deal. That I am satisfied by only one helping at dinner. That I drink more water. All these I know to be true. To be honest – sometimes when I know my head is not where it needs to be for me to lose weight I try to just wait it out rather than fighting it. Maybe I should be trying to change it up – but you know what else – sometimes just waiting it out (without regaining!) is the way to go for me. Why? Because I know I’ll get back to it. Some meals are easier than others. Some days are easier than others. Some months are easier than others. Heck, some years are easier than others. And that’s just where we’re at.


Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 186: Some Nice News

Well here I am – getting back on track with my blogging. Today at weigh-in I was down 1.2lbs for a new current weight of 163.0lbs and a total loss of 88.6lbs. I’m feeling good about last week and even about this coming week. Also a couple really nice things happened to me today:

1. Firstly, when I got to my meeting my regular leader was on vacation and the leader who normally fills in for her was there. We haven’t seen each other in a while – probably at least a year! – she commented how good I looked. Which, considering the ups and downs of late was nice to hear. She also told me that recently there had been a large meeting of the WW staff in my province and that my name came up when they were mentioning everyone who had reached 100lbs lost! WHAT!? That’s crazy! I’m not at 100lbs lost anymore – but to hear that I had made it and that in Quebec only about 16 or so meetings members had reached that was quite overwhelming.

Also at today’s meeting were a couple of senior staff – one of whom edits the Canadian version of the Weeklies. On the inside cover of the Weekly there is a highlighted Success Story (I put a pic below as an example).  She handed me the “Celebrate your Success” pamphlet and told me I should submit my story. I was a bit hesitant since I am not at goal and I’m not even at 100lbs lost anymore. She mentioned that other members are often inspired by our stories of the process, not just when we’re at goal. I often forget how far I’ve come by concentrating on how far I still have to go. I know this is not a good way of thinking, but sometimes it creeps in. So I’m thinking about it.  I’m a fan of my anonymity so we’ll see. But I am going to give it real consideration.



2. And secondly, a new gym opened up in my neighbourhood – it’s a 24hr gym. I have to say I’m curious. Sometimes my work schedule is so full that the only time I can get to gym is in the late evening – this past year I would often rush to get to the gym a half hour before closing just to rush in a workout. This new 24-hr gym offers 7-day free trial so I decided what better time to try it out then now! After my first work out the owner and I were chatting and he commented that I clearly seemed to know my around and that I was doing some really interesting exercises! Yay me! My program is old now, and I need a new one – should be getting one in December –  but it was nice that my program was noticed!

So that’s where I’m at. Feeling a bit more positive these days and on track. Off I go! 🙂

Weight Loss

Weigh-in Weeks 183, 184, and 185: Boo-urns.

Well things have not gone according to plan. I mean do they ever really?  Let’s see what’s been happening: two weeks ago in particular was not a good one.  I was up 4.2lbs! Ooph! Well two things happened that week: 1. I switched into jeans for the coming winter – it was just too cold to keep weighing-in in a dress and 2. I was bloated. Neither of these helped and although I was expecting a gain, this one was a bigger one then I had thought. Last week went better and I was down 1.7lbs. And then this week was ok-ish in that I was up 0.2lbs. So my new weight is 164.2lbs. Not bad considering I spent the last week visiting my mom, but still not great. That number is much higher then the beginning of the year and it’s making me feel like a failure. I know that that’s harsh, but it’s how I feel right now.

I’m trying my best, but I fear my best is not good enough.

I haven’t been blogging because it’s been hard to write these numbers down. I know negative talk isn’t good for me – especially when it comes to weight loss but I feel like I’m caught in a spiral. I’m still running, but I know that what I’m eating isn’t where it should be. And it isn’t even like I’m eating huge amounts or tons of desserts! If it was, I’d understand!!

I feel like if I eat just a little bit more then my daily points, I’ll gain 2lbs. I know that self reporting when it comes to food is notoriously flawed (i.e. we always think we eat way less then we actually do), so maybe that’s it. Maybe I really have been eating so much more. I just can seem to get a handle on it and get back into a weight-loss groove. I felt so good at 150bls and now I just feel bloated, heavy, and weighed down.



Weight Loss

Weigh-in Weeks 179 & 180: I’ve Been Struggling

Yes, we know it’s nothing new these days. But it got to a point where I didn’t even post last week. Well the lay of the land is that last week I was up 3.4lbs for a weight of 165.5lbs – OUCH! However, this week I was down 3.3lbs so I’m down to 162.2lbs. Still not great, but better then last week.

I’m struggling to get back on track these days it seems. It’s frustrating and it’s discouraging. I did have a good week last week and so far this week isn’t looking too bad. Although…it is Thanksgiving here in Canada this coming weekend and I do have a big turkey dinner on the Monday evening. My plan is to stay the course. Keep eating well, keep working out. Keep things going in the right direction. I haven’t been in a writing mood lately so I apologize that this is short and not really filled with much info. I’ve been wasting time on Pinterest, so I’ll leave you with these quotes and try to write something of more substance soon.



Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 177: I’m running a 10K!

Well weigh-in didn’t go as planned. I was up 0.9lbs for a new total of 160.9lbs with a total loss of  90.7lbs.

I’m very late on this post, mostly because this week has been a bit crazy for me. The main reason is that last weekend I learned that my 10K race was tomorrow – Sept. 22nd and NOT the 29th as I had thought all along!! EEEK! Thank goodness my friend mentioned it – she’s running the half. I ran my practice 10K last weekend and the new news totally messed with my mind. My run was hard and I even got a stitch in my side which I never get anymore. Oooph.

I think I’m ready for tomorrow. I mean I will be able to run it, it’s just a matter of if I’ll be able to run it in the time I want. Right now my main goal is to beat last year’s time  of 1:02:10.

I think this post will be short and sweet as I have to get to bed and make sure I’m up nice and early so I have time to digest my oatmeal and drink my coffee. I’ll report back after the race!

Here is the course this year. It has some hills, but they’ve broken up the one big one we had 2 years ago. The rain is falling right now, which is nice as it’s cutting the humidity. All this makes for hopefully a favourable race. Here goes nothing!