Fab-u-less in February

The year seems to be going by so quickly! January is already over which means January’s WW forum challenge is now over too. It seems I have a bunch more new readers this month – HELLO!!! Don’t be shy and say hi!  So let me explain: on the WeightWatchers.ca forums I take part in a monthly challenges to help keep me motivated in my weight loss and in keeping up my activity.  Each month we come up with a snappy name (like January Jumpstart or Fab-u-less in February!) and everyone has a personal weight loss and activity goal for the month.

For January Jumpstart my goals were to lose 8lbs and do 1200 minutes of activity. Here’s the update: I didn’t quite make my weight loss goal – I only lost 6.4lbs. This was mostly due to my STS the first week of January. I did however, surpass (just barely) my activity goals by getting in 1235 minutes of activity! Yay! Here is my January Activity Spreadsheet. Click on it to see a larger image:

And now February is upon us and the new challenge, as I mentioned above, is called Fab-u-less in February! My goals are the same: lose 8lbs and do a minimum of 1200 minutes of activity. I am already down 2lbs from yesterday’s weigh-in and did 75 minutes last night at they gym 🙂

You can aways follow my challenge progress on my Challenges page as I only do a blog post update about it once a month. For those who haven’t poked around my blog you can also follow my losses (or gains) week by week on my Timeline page. 

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January Jumpstart

I realized I hadn’t posted my activity spreadsheet from December so here it is. As usual click on it to see a larger image:

I got in a total of 1310 minutes of activity in December and surpassed my goals for the monthly challenge: Determined in December. I also surpassed my weight loss goal by losing 10.6lbs over the month (my goal was 8lbs). 

The January challenge has started on the forums as well. It’s called January Jumpstart. My goals for this month are not greater than before, they remain: 8lbs and 1200 minutes. I want to focus on maintaining my current level of weight loss and activity to allow my body to get used to it instead of constantly pushing it to a point where I can’t keep it up.

So far this month I’ve logged in 440 activity minutes! You can always check out my progress on my Challenges page.