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Weigh-in Week 188: Feeling Confident

Ooph! I’m late on this post. But not because I didn’t want to or because I gained, but rather because the days just got away from me and I didn’t have time to sit down for a proper post! This week I was down 1.2lbs for a new weight of 162.0lbs and a total loss of 89.6lbs.

Last week went pretty well for the most part. Well I mean it did in terms of weight loss, but to be honest I wasn’t really expecting it. I was doing well until Saturday and ate a bit more then my daily points (but not over my weekly points) and I felt bloated Sunday, Monday, and even Tuesday morning. I find that now, at my current weight I REALLY feel even the slightest changes in my body – like bloating. When I was at my biggest, or heck, even over 200lbs I could easily gain and/or lose 10lbs and not notice. I’m serious. If you’ve ever been over 200lbs you know exactly what I’m talking about.

This week is going ok, but with the bloating sometimes I don’t have a very accurate sense of how my weigh-in will be. This week remains to be seen, but overall I am feeling better about my eating. I think I’m making better choices portion-wise and I’m definitely feeling more in control – which is always a nice feeling especially in December! The holiday parties have started already and there’s always a lot of temptations about. My first party of the season was last Friday and at the end of the night there was tons of food left over – my friend was offering leftover food  – loaves of bread, cheesecakes etc. What did I end up taking?? A large bowl of salad (spring mix and veggies without dressing)! Yahoo for good choices!


Do you have any tips for getting through the holiday season without going overboard?? Please do share!

Weight Loss

Weigh-in Weeks 183, 184, and 185: Boo-urns.

Well things have not gone according to plan. I mean do they ever really?  Let’s see what’s been happening: two weeks ago in particular was not a good one.  I was up 4.2lbs! Ooph! Well two things happened that week: 1. I switched into jeans for the coming winter – it was just too cold to keep weighing-in in a dress and 2. I was bloated. Neither of these helped and although I was expecting a gain, this one was a bigger one then I had thought. Last week went better and I was down 1.7lbs. And then this week was ok-ish in that I was up 0.2lbs. So my new weight is 164.2lbs. Not bad considering I spent the last week visiting my mom, but still not great. That number is much higher then the beginning of the year and it’s making me feel like a failure. I know that that’s harsh, but it’s how I feel right now.

I’m trying my best, but I fear my best is not good enough.

I haven’t been blogging because it’s been hard to write these numbers down. I know negative talk isn’t good for me – especially when it comes to weight loss but I feel like I’m caught in a spiral. I’m still running, but I know that what I’m eating isn’t where it should be. And it isn’t even like I’m eating huge amounts or tons of desserts! If it was, I’d understand!!

I feel like if I eat just a little bit more then my daily points, I’ll gain 2lbs. I know that self reporting when it comes to food is notoriously flawed (i.e. we always think we eat way less then we actually do), so maybe that’s it. Maybe I really have been eating so much more. I just can seem to get a handle on it and get back into a weight-loss groove. I felt so good at 150bls and now I just feel bloated, heavy, and weighed down.




Sorry for the Photo of the Half-Eaten Lunch

Well I promised photos of my food to help keep me on track, but apparently I keep forgetting to take a photo! I got my last two lunches though, well sorta. Here’s what I mean:

Wednesday Lunch: Couscous salad with chicken and chickpeas and a bowl of red pepper soup with tomatoes and cucumbers on the side:


Thursday Lunch: Chicken breast with green beans and (what I had already eaten!) baby spinach salad with a balsamic vinagrette


So far so good this week. I have a three-day weekend which started this morning and I”m going to get in some good exercise and eating! I haven’t had proper sit -down dinners in a while so going to take advantage and head up to the market and get some good ingredients. Not sure what’s for dinner yet…what are you having?

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Weigh-In Week 159: That Is NOT Cool

I was up 1.5lbs today at weigh-in for a new weight of 154.5lbs and a total loss of 97.1lbs. That is NOT cool people. Not Cool. What is up with me!? Seriously I thought I was eating better, though not being 100% careful this week. I guess that was a big fat lie I told myself.

The positives of this week is that I exercised the most I have in the last while: I ran 3 times with one long run, one weight-training session, and one bootcamp. I felt great! But alas we all know you can’t outrun a bad diet. And clearly I didn’t. I now I could eat better, make better choices but I didn’t. I’ve continued to struggle with my night-time eating. Mostly due to being unable to eat a proper dinner and by the time I get home I am ravenous and I just eat without thinking. Well it’s showing and it’s showing in a way I don’t want to continue. If I’m not careful I’ll gain even more back. There are no excuses anymore. I have to pay attention to what I eat and as the receptionist said today at weigh-in err on the side of over-counting points rather than under-counting. If I think it might cooked in 1 or 2 teaspoons of oil, put 2 into the tracker. I need to be more conscious of how much I am eating as well.

I like to read a website called Summer Tomato which is dedicated to Healthy Eating Tips and Articles. If you haven’t yet checked it out you should. In today’s newsletter was this image of the the food plate inspired, but altered from the USDA food plate:

Foodist-PlateHere’s the source and the original post. Check it out!

I LOVE this plate. I think this makes a lot of sense and it is what I strive for when picking up my lunch from the caterer. I didn’t think to take a picture of my lunch plate today, but I think I will from this point forward to keep myself accountable with what I’m eating. I tend to do well at lunch, but definitely let it slide in the evening so I’ll aim to take a photo of my evening meal as well.  If fact, today I actually chose not to go to gym after work so that I could come home and eat a proper dinner. I am SO happy that I did. I’m feeling in control right now and I hope this feeling continues.

So that’s where I’m at today after weigh-in. I refuse to give up and give in. I will keep better track of my food. I will not eat mindlessly. I will take it one meal at a time. I will try to eat without distraction. This is my pledge to myself this week. Let’s see how things go…

Are there any food/healthy eating/healthy living websites you like to peruse? Care to share? Please do!

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Weigh-In Week 154: Down a second week in a row!

Well, not expecting this I have to say. I am down 1.0lbs today for a new weight of 150.8lbs and a total loss of 100.8lbs. Yahoo!

Right before I stepped on the scale I mumbled the words, oh this isn’t going to be pretty…expecting a gain. Resigned to a gain once again. I have realized that I have very little confidence these days with my weight loss. Maybe it was the last year weighing on me? (Pardon the pun…unintentional I swear!) or maybe it’s the same pattern I’m starting to see that worries me? But yes, I  no longer think positively when I get to weigh-in. Part of it is that it’s easier to be surprised than to be disappointed. Maybe I’m protecting myself?

I found this on Pinterest and I thought it appropriate:5e5c473b07ccabe639143cfd36a49e50

I think with my crazy work schedule that has my workouts and runs happening at irregular intervals, I am not feeling confident enough these days and so that translates into my weight loss…I start to think that if I’m not working out enough, I won’t be able to lose weight. Which is ridiculous. I have to focus on my portions and what foods I’m eating. Confidence. I need to re-find that confidence I once had. That had me believing I could do this against all odds. That had be believing all this was possible. I need to find that again. This second loss in a row is a small step towards  finding that part of myself once again.



Recipe: Fish Tacos

Okay, so I think I’ve been out of the loop but I only just heard about fish tacos this summer! Where have they been my whole life? I like fish, I like tacos – why didn’t I think of this!

Well I tried my hand at it the other night and it turned out really well so I thought I’d share with you.

Makes 5 tacos

WW Points Plus value per taco: 4

(or 9 for two, depending on what kind of tortilla/shells you’re using)

I used:

  • 400g sole (defrosted)
  • Oil, spray
  • Old El Paso reduced sodium taco seasoning (used half a packet – 17g)
  • Whole wheat tortillas, small
  • Reduced-fat cheese (if using, add 15g to each taco and 1 pp+ extra)
  • Salsa
  • Plain yoghurt
  • Red & Green bell peppers

Firstly, I used a bit of spray oil on a non-stick skillet and cooked the defrosted fish fillets. Once they fillets start to cook, break them apart with the spatula. Here’s a pic where you can see the raw fillet on the right, the cooked fillet on top and the crumbled fillet on the left.

This is the seasoning I used. I only used half of it because it seemed a bit strong for the mild fish. Yes, I am trying to cut out processed foods, but to be honest I don’t eat tacos often enough to have my own taco seasoning recipe. But if anyone does have one and feels like sharing I’m all for it! I do however, try to be sensible about it all and use the reduced sodium one. It’s already salty as is, no need for more.

Once the fish is all cooked, add the seasoning and 1/2 cup of water. It should look like this:

Mix to incorporate all the seasoning and liquid. Let it cook on medium until all the liquid is absorbed and it looks like this:

Yum! And that’s kinda it! Now create your tacos. I used 1/4 cup fish filling per small tortilla.

I used whole wheat tortillas because I prefer them over the hard shells. I added 15g of reduced fat cheddar cheese, a few slices of green and red bell peppers, 1 tbsp of salsa and 1 tbsp of plain yoghurt.

My tortillas are 2pp+ for one or 5 for two, but you might be using a different brand so be sure to calculate your tortillas accurately. For the fish, I got five 1/4 cup servings out of the initial 400g.

And Enjoy! Easy peasy.

Weight Loss

So far so good…

So this week has been going really well so far. I’ve been within my daily points everyday except yesterday when I picked up a burrito for dinner. But I still have weekly points available to me. I’m also pleased that the extra points were needed because of dinner and not because I binged on something. This is a small step back in the right direction.

I’ve also arrived in NYC for the 3 week stint and I’m happy to announce I went for a run today! I’m staying in an apartment so I have access to a kitchen to cook my food so I’ve spent the day buying groceries to be prepared to make my lunches and dinners for the week. I’ll have to bring both meals with me each morning, so that’s a lot of food!

One of the ways I try to help myself to stay on track while traveling is that I travel with my oatmeal! Yuppers 🙂 It might be silly, but I find it works for me. This way I know exactly how many points it is and I don’t have to try to find the brands I like in a different city with different grocery stores. I picked up some frozen strawberries to add to my oatmeal in the mornings.

I also bought food to make turkey or tuna wraps all week as well as enough fruit and cut vegetables for snacks, hummus for dipping and some Kashi brand granola bars. For dinner I bought ingredients to make my own pasta sauce and whole wheat penne. Today I made some whole wheat pasta and a tomato, mushroom, spinach. Sorry the photo’s not great, it was dark and my flash isn’t fabulous.

That’s two tupperwares of dinner each filled with one cup of whole wheat pasta and a cup of sauce, beside that is extra sauce to be used later on this week. I chose not to buy any crackers or peanut butter, or even single serving chocolates. I really wanted to. REALLY WANTED TO. But I had to talk to myself – I knew if I had these in my place at night when I got home I would eat them without control. I think I have a good plan for the week. That’s all I can do, take it day by day and week by week.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying the summer weather!