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Weigh-in Week 43: 0.4lb Gain

Oh. Blargh!! I was up 0.4lbs today at weigh-in. New weight is 191.2lbs with a total loss of 60.4lbs. I’m not surprised. I was out of town for work and ate out Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and half of Monday. I suppose for that, 0.4 isn’t too bad. The reason I feel like I can’t justify … Continue reading

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Weigh-in Week 31: A Small Gain

This was a tough week for me – not necessarily food-wise, but rather there was so much going on that I wasn’t able to get in enough activity and exercise. I ended up with a gain of 0.2lbs. This is my first gain since the end of August. I am not surprised by the gain … Continue reading

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