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Weigh-in Week 164: Stayed the Same

Well that’s that. I stayed the exact same this week. Still at 156.2lbs and a total loss of 95.4lbs. I guess that’s better than a gain? Yes, but I dislike this new zone I’m in. As frustrating as it was, I did prefer the 150 zone I was not a few weeks back! Well, nothing to do but to get back on track.

What’s been happening is that I’ll be on track a few days and then fatigue will get the better of me and I’ll start snacking without writing everything down and that’s what I have to over come. If I can make a point of writing down everything I eat I think I’ll do well. We also have a 3 day weekend coming up and I’m pretty thrilled at the possibility of cooking my own food all weekend long. I miss cooking and eating my own food. Catering and ordering out has gotten quite old and also quite tasteless. It often leaves me feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

I did get my hand at cooking this past weekend (okay fine I only had Sunday off but still, that’s kind of a weekend!) with making some homemade pizza. I made it all from scratch:



The dough is my favourite half whole wheat/half all purpose flour recipe  that I came across on the blog Eat, Live, Run. I make it all by hand and it’s completely worth it. Sometimes I break up the dough into thirds to make them thin crust, but this weekend it was a rainy Sunday so I split the dough in 2 to make it a bit thicker.

For the sauce, I used tomato paste. Thin it out with a bit of water and added spices (I used enough oregano, rosemary, pepper, and sea salt to taste) and also a pinch of sugar to cut the acidity. Then I added some skim Mozzarella, herbed goat cheese, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes. It was filling and delicious.

I’m hoping for more home cooking this weekend to help me get back on track. I’ll share what I make!

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Weigh-in Week 36: Stayed the Same

Weighed in this week and I stayed the same. Not even a 0.2lb up or down. I am still at 201.2lbs with a total of 50.4lbs lost. To be honest, I’m a touch disappointed (mainly because I got in 37 activity points) but to be COMPLETELY honest I’m not surprised.

Here are things I have learned this week (and thus things that contributed to my staying at the same weight with no loss):

1. I love champagne. I will drink glasses and glasses of it and only track about half of what I consumed.

2. Although I can control myself at a sit down dinner (e.g. xmas) I still have trouble with appetizers. I cannot accurately judge how much I’ve eaten and tend to overeat. One will lead to a second and a third etc. This was evident at New Year’s Eve. I went to a small gathering with some friends and this is exactly what happened. I tried to track all I ate, but I’m sure I underestimated.

3. I still cannot buy coconut pastries and eat them moderately.  I went to Chinatown this week and bought some coconut bread. Now this should have been prefaced with the fact that I LOVE coconut. I love it! I would do almost anything for coconut! I ate about half of the loaf on the first day, and I’m happy to report I didn’t eat the rest until 2 days later. Half a year ago I would have inhaled the whole thing the minute I walked in the door, so at least that’s something.  But still, I ate the whole loaf! I wish I hadn’t bought it to be honest, but something convinced me that I’d be okay and I could do it. Clearly I wasn’t. I tried to track as well, but I’m positive I underestimated the points!

As long as I learn from this week then I’m making progress. I still have trouble with portion control. So this week I have already portioned out my lunches and dinners (as I’ll be out all week and on the go) and I’ll be getting back on track with portion sizes.

Oh – I took my measurements this week, but I’ve decided to create a spreadsheet to keep track of them so I will post later this week!